Call me Dark.
I stay Dark.
Are you Dark?

I would live in the colony in Mars because earth is eventually going to get hit by an asteroid so if I where in Mars I would be safer. I […]

If I where royalty I would help the poor because it would raise my power since I would have more people to honor me since I would help them get […]

I am a living being, and I think that a every living being would be afraid of death.When I think of death I think of leaving everything behind.Not for a […]

My favorite part of the field trip was the makerspace. In the makerspace if you are in academy, you can use the makerspace to 3D print things and cut metal […]

I think that my talent is that when a new activity comes my way I catch on. My strength isĀ  learning new things. Learning has always been easy for me. […]

One thing that I liked about today is the fact that we had to investigate. The part about finding secret thing is just awesome. The fingerprints, the hair it’s just […]

One way we could use the Spheros in real life would be in rivers to transport small things, but the Spheros would have to be programed and built bigger.