I probably¬† wouldn’t live on mars in a colony because I’m a kind of person who doesn’t like stuff cluttered and a space that is surrounded in people. I really […]

If I was a queen I would give lots of money to charities. I would also give money to the people who don’t have money and that suffer from sickness. […]

I most focus when I’m interested in something. I also am focused when the teacher is teaching, and when doing homework. Why? I really am focused in school because I […]

I mostly fear is black snakes. Why? Well where dad lives there are some snakes, me and my brother were visiting my dad. We went outside to play and we […]

My favorite thing to do in level up is the forensic labs. It’s really interesting to look at cool things and find out who the suspect is. My favorite thing […]

Today, I really liked looking at the different clues and things that were found. It was really cool to look threw the microscopes and to look at the handwriting to […]