I would to live on mars because it would mean that tech has evolved so much that we could live like on earth. The part I would be most excited […]

If I was royalty I would like to be part of the British royal family. I would try to strengthen the connections with other countries. I would also help the […]

The bravest thing I’ve probably ever done is kill a spider. This is probably the bravest thing, because I’m terrified of spiders and insects in general.

My favorite thing we did today was the hair analysis. I really enjoyed it because we got to look at samples of hair and decide if it matched.

Something that I would investigate is how some people need to study or review the topic before the test. This interests me because I personally don’t really need to study […]

I would enjoy being a forensic scientist because you get to use a microscope and look at details in small things. Also it would help the police find clues in […]