I would explore everything because everything seems interesting and it would be fun to to see what’s really happening. But the first thing I would do is try to find […]

My goal is to try to go to heaven because when I die I still want to be in a good place and not in a bad place. But I […]

The sphero challenge can connect to the real world because someone who are drowning and needs a lot of help because he or she can’t swim. So a thing can […]

My day was perfect because it was fun to do the sphero and go back to the cue. We made a castle where a whole group of 5 could fit […]

I improved the team work because I helped my team build and do the other stuff. WE only had two kids on our group because the other kid was absent. […]

I’m so proud that we got some work finish. It felt good because we could program the robot. And it wasn’t easy because there was so many things that my […]