I don’t think that my mindset has changed a huge amount, but it definetly has changed. I think that’s also affected my behavior. In the beginning of the year I […]

If I was royalty I would give away and keep it at the same time. I would want to live a normal life because I think that that builds character, […]

  I am afraid of many things, some of them being clowns spiders, especially tarantulas losing people that I love Failing

When I was about 5 there was this one girl, I wouldn’t really call it bullying it was more of teasing and just picking on me. I was new to […]

  I’m really good at finding alternate ways to do something, in a more sufficant way.¬† I also love organizing things, I love feeling like everything is clean and I […]

If I were an engineer, I would build a time machine. Why? I want to go the the past, the future and just go through time.

Today what suprised me is how our desgin wasn’t as good as we thought it was. What we decide to do is to put wood around it and use the […]