April 9, 2019

Blogger Shout Out!

I thought the pictures of your elaborate Cue course was a bonus feature to your blog!  Nice work.  You gave the reader a good bit of detail on what you […]

If I was royalty I would like to be part of the British royal family. I would try to strengthen the connections with other countries. I would also help the […]

If I was a queen I would give lots of money to charities. I would also give money to the people who don’t have money and that suffer from sickness. […]

Today I finished my maze and I got to the yellow part of my maze. We got to know about the reading festival where we can get free books and […]

I’d give it up Because I want to do my own stuff like explore. I’ve been given many chances to do stuff and I rejected it.  

If I where royalty I would help the poor because it would raise my power since I would have more people to honor me since I would help them get […]

Well first what I would do is help the poor. Then I would just leave the royalty life and be freeeeeeeeeeeee. Why? Well I don’t want to be locked up […]

If I was a member of royalty and I had power, then, I would try to make everyplace safer. I would also make education really mandatory. I would try to […]

If I were royalty I would treat people that aren’t a lower status than me. I wouldn’t abuse my power as royalty. Abusing power means giving someone a severe punishment […]

If I were royalty I would most likely give up my position. I don’t want to be treated like a god, i want to be like a human being.