April 2, 2019

I am afraid of not knowing what to write. Like when we have to do these reflections I sometimes just can’t figure out what to write. What are you going […]

I mostly fear is black snakes. Why? Well where dad lives there are some snakes, me and my brother were visiting my dad. We went outside to play and we […]

  I am afraid of many things, some of them being clowns spiders, especially tarantulas losing people that I love Failing

I was afraid of snakes. I never liked them, but now that I realize it, it’s a part of nature. Nature is beautiful and I can’t get over that.

I am a living being, and I think that a every living being would be afraid of death.When I think of death I think of leaving everything behind.Not for a […]

Did I overcome fear

Before I tell what i overcomed of fear. Today we chose ours robots. Roy,vinh and I started building the maze we made a big Chungus and the beginning and ending. […]

Things that aren’t real or the unexplained. Why? Well because you can’t explain it nor you can’t explain why it happens. Ghosts are one thing. I’m not scared of ghosts […]

Today we got to do another two math challenges and I got them both right expect number 4-ish. We got to program the sphero and I needed help to find […]