March 21, 2019

I think that some of my greatest talents is when it comes to engineering and math. I think that I am good at engineering and math, based on the fact […]

I have alots of talents. I am really good at math. I also am really good at going laying down on the couch sitting and chilling.

Today we got to vote for who it was that stole the gold. I brought the form today and I can’t wait to go and I’m thinking I might want […]

I think my greatest talent is being small/ short and very light. I am great at this because I have been like this since I was born. I am short/small […]

My talent is being good at art kinda? I’m good at not coming up with stuff.  So here’s my blog and why all it says is this. I enjoy art […]

I think my greatest talent is eating goldfish because goldfish is sooo goooood! That I’m the best at eating them. Mostly the cheddar ones and the colorful ones! Those are […]

For me I am Really good at soccer because I am the star of my soccer team. They cannot win without me, but it is not all about me Because […]

I think my talent is playing soccer because I think I am pretty good. I have also been playing since I was 5 with my big brother. I also think […]