March 19, 2019

Blogger Shout out!

I totally appreciated and related to your bravest thing — trying out for volleyball.  It’s hard whenever we try something new … and those around us have been doing it […]

EATING SNACKS!!!! Ok ok yes I like eating snacks but apart from that I like that fact that get to social with others by working together with them on the […]

Today was awesome although I didn’t get to do a lot of the options. It was all very fun I think the best thing I did today was analysing the […]

My favorite thing to do at level up is eating in the beginning. At home though, my favorite thing to do is to hangout with my friends and family.

We got to look at dirt and how it reacted to the hydrochloric acid and in the other room we got to look at the fabric. Each one looked different […]

My favorite thing to do in level up is the forensic labs. It’s really interesting to look at cool things and find out who the suspect is. My favorite thing […]

So far in Level Up my favorite thing that we have done was messing around with the Ques and Spheros. I like how they were controllable and you could do […]