February 28, 2019

I would like to investigate crime scenes.The things I want to learn about are fingerprints and  hair samples. I also don’t like blood.

I would like to investigate a crime scene, murder scene. Since I was little I was into investigating blood and fingerprints.

I would love to investigate a crime scene because you can find so many fun things like find evidence and do the finger prints. I found that fun and how […]

Today we learned about fingerprints and we put our finger print on tape. We also drew a picture about what we want the flag to look like.

A topic I would like to investigate is probably crime. Because in crime has many parts to it and once you find something that helps you. Once you start, you […]

In forensics I think I would want to to investigate how similar are the fingerprints on one persons hand. I want to know how similar are someone’s thumb fingerprint. IS […]

Something that I would investigate is how some people need to study or review the topic before the test. This interests me because I personally don’t really need to study […]