November 2018

I can’t believe that the sphero swam in the water and it worked.We cut the tube of and folded around the sphero and it we left it in the water […]

FirstĀ  my partner and I on our Google slideshow to show to other people. Next we worked on the Sphero Water Challenge. My partner got the blueprint an we started […]

I got really surprised by how hard it would really be to create something on your own. On the raft it seemed to be very easy and when we actually […]

Was it really excitement. In the beginning of class she said one GoPiGo worked. A GoPiGo is a car that you build and code. So we were working with the […]

Today surprised me. Why did It surprise me? It’s because when we were designing our build for the sphero challenge, I thought our designing would work and be easy to […]