November 8, 2018

If I were to build something I would build a robot that could help people do their duty’s and let them do all type of stuffs. And also help with […]

I was an engineer and could build anything, I would try building experimental ships. The ships I would make would carry expensive cargo. The ships would be able to carry […]

If I was a engineer I would build a time machine so I could go back inside and change everything bad that happened a long time ago. I would change […]

If I were an engineer? What would I build? Well I know most of the kids would pick “a robot that can do my homework” or something like that.

Me and Roy did a good progress on our slide show. Me and roy worked on how we could make our sphero float better and I came up with a […]

If I were an engineer, I would build a time machine. Why? I want to go the the past, the future and just go through time.

I would build a huge machine that would help people in picking up trash.