November 1, 2018

Blogger Shout Out!

Who can write!  Not who can write?!  I appreciated who’s divergent thinking when given the task of a real world application for Sphero!  Original idea using Sphero inside large ships […]

Today for we got to build our boat for the Sphero to take the pennies. Today I was very surprised that when my partner and I did our first boat, […]

What suprised me today was that for the sphero  didnt float. At first I thought that it would float but then it didnt. I thought it would float because it […]

Me and Roy worked on our project and we didn’t get that far. Harrison kept running every where and james tried to stop him. I added a photo that shows […]

This surprised me today, I made a raft made up of a plastic plate, tape, pool noodles, and pop stick. Today was fun and can’t wait for next Thursday.

You know what is surprising? You have built something and it actually works the first time. My groups sphero penny carrying creation worked. We didn’t have time to actually put […]

Today in level up we got to work on the spheros and the project for parent night.  One that surprise me was people coming asking us questions also the mess […]

What I got surprised about was when me and my partner preston put the sphero in the water it didn’t float because the water was shallow. But the project we […]

Today was fun something that surprised me was that the sphero was actually waterproof and that the thing that wilber and me made is good.