October 2018

One way we could use the Spheros in real life would be in rivers to transport small things, but the Spheros would have to be programed and built bigger.

Today was a very chill day because we just planned on what our sphero was going to look like. I think spheros can help the world by,  if you need […]

You could use something like the sphero to improve shipping. You could scale it up to be usable on a cargo ship. You could use it to keep cargo upright. […]

How can sphero’s change the world? Well here’s an idea me and my partner are going to try out. Our idea is to make the sphero put or push some […]

How can I relate the Sphero to the real world? Spheros are like motors in water, I think if mine and Pamela’s desgin work it can actually be a motor […]