October 23, 2018

There are a lot of improvements my group could have made, but, we had a lot of troubles connecting to it. So one improvements I think the creators of the […]

Today we finished are gopiego but after we were unable to move on to the next step because of are sd card was messing us up.But we still had an […]

Me and my group finished building our go pie go it was exciting. Now we’re moving on to coding our go pie go. I cant wait.

 I think that I would add a color sensor to the GoPiGo, what a color sensor does is that you can code your robot to stop, or move a different […]

This was about the third time we worked with the GoPiGo. A GoPiGo is a robot where you build it and then you code it when you get finished with […]

We tried to use our GoPiGo3 robot, but the robot did not work and we try to come up with idea why it might not be working.

I improved the team work because I helped my team build and do the other stuff. WE only had two kids on our group because the other kid was absent. […]

I think we could of done more of coding but since the SD card wasn’t working, it was very difficult trying to connect it and then it unconnecting was annoying. […]