October 11, 2018

Blogger Shout Out!

Xgoldfish!  Your paragraph was clear and detailed.  The reader gets a sense of your afternoon with the Cue. You were not here today … but we applauded you!! 🙂

My partner and I made a problem for the cue that I forgot my locker code and that has never happened to me…😉

Today my group did not succeed in solving the problem we were trying to solve. The problem we attempted to solve was to deliver a message from one teacher to […]

My Cue solve a problem for teachers the problem is that teachers can’t leave their room when their teaching students. So I programed my Cue to go from class to […]

I programed it to ask a teacher for a pencil, but it didn’t work out well because I couldn’t find any teacher around and also I got distracted.

Today we solved a problem teachers constantly have. We coded the Cues to go to another classroom instead of sending a teacher. We didn’t test it out in school hour […]