September 27, 2018

Today my group is working on a throne out of big legos and we called it the “Wicked Throne”. We also put categories in our portfolio and put a theme.

Today we build “The Wicked Throne”, We built it out of the everlock blocks and we are competing to win. We also worked on the theme for our blog as […]

Today, I got to build with Everblocks. Only three people, including me, were actually building with the Everblocks. But overall, today was pretty great.

Today we work on building our designs with the ever blocks. I was working with the wrong group because I wasn’t here the day before.

We did a Everblock royal and today we made a safe and a mini safe with all are blocks.

Today was fun. we got to build  a safe

Today in edge we finish our lego creation. Me and my group  built a lego throne for the teacher.