Therapy and Medication

Mental illness and the effects of therapy and medication as treatment is a topic that many might not be too familiar with. Every person struggles at some point with different stresses or crises. Some people also struggle from different disorders that cause a variety of emotional or mental issues. During these times, the help of a psychologist or a psychiatrist may be helpful in coping. I decided to convey the information from my research paper on a google site because I found that the google site was easily accessible and easy to navigate. The audience that I was targeting were people who do not know that much about the subject. Because of this, I simplified the information in my research paper. I wanted to make the delivery more clear cut and split into specific categories which made the different pages on the google site very useful. Because I was dividing the information the way I was, I needed to reword the information in a way that made it more explicitly stated. In my research paper, a lot of information was implicitly worked into my writing. Thus if the reader didn’t have some basic knowledge of the field, it may have been difficult to understand the more complex points of the topic. Therefore, I clearly divided and expressed the important information that shaped the research paper in the form of a google site. 


I think emotions are a very interesting thing when it comes to the automatic way they come up. When your friend jumps out from behind the door, do you think about being scared or are you just scared? You’re just scared, right. That is until you realize that the dangerous threat is not an axe murderer but actually your frial, skinny friend trying to capture a funny reaction. You feel that terrified emotion for a second and then depending on what kind of person you are, it quickly melts to annoyance or amusement.

It’s one of those things that’s commonly referred to as a rollercoaster of emotions. Each one comes and leaves as easily as the next. In the time lapse of an hour, someone can go from anger, to joy, to sadness. And the way these emotions come up is often a product of a certain event, or a pile-on of events. It’s not really something you process. You don’t sit there and say “oh my dog called me ugly, I should be sad now.” It’s more of the action making you feel a certain type of way automatically and instantaneously.  It’s emotion before thought.

I think if it were as easy as to be able to choose what emotions we want to feels everything would go so much more smoothly. I doubt anyone would choose to be sad, or mad. Probably just glad. Instead, we all, as humans, are forced to go through the rigors of constant, environmentally-dependent emotion. And it is Absolutely ruthless.

Awake at 2 a.m.

I hate not knowing. I hate not knowing what is going on when I should, and I hate not knowing what to do to make something better. Even though I hate not knowing, it seems that I don’t know a lot. Obviously I don’t know rocket science or the meaning of life, but shouldn’t I know what to do in simple situations?

I often find myself wondering if I’m messing up or making things worse. Let me paint the scene for you. Something’s not quite right. I want to know why it is not quite right. So I start to ask what’s wrong and I push the victim of my meddling to open up. At the end of all this, I still don’t know what is wrong and somehow this wrong has become worse. 

This is simply one of the worst feelings in the world to me. I like control over situations. I dont think it’s in a bad way; I’m just a fixer. I like to understand the situation, learn all sides and parts of the situation, then I like to fix the situation. Sometimes I really run myself ragged trying to fix all problems all the time. What i’m trying to learn though is that it’s not all up to me all the time. Everything is not at the fate of my imposition. Maybe some things are meant to be left alone. 

As it appears, I still haven’t learned that I can relax. So yeah, here I am at two in the morning writing about the very thing thats keeping me awake. I don’t know what’s going on, and I’m filling in the blanks, courtesy to my worst  imagination. 


Do you ever just get in this mood and nothing is wrong but it feels like there’s nothing that can bring you out of it. It’s like you just want to sit there and do absolutely nothing. And when you’re being forced to actually do something, it feels like everything around you is moving in slow motion. Someone calls your name and it takes a solid second for you to even process it. And for some weird reason, if somebody does something nice for you to try and cheer you up, it doesn’t work. You smile, or maybe fake a smile, for a second and then it’s back to that bleek and blank expression on your face. 

Naps become a frequent part of your daily routine. You get tired hours before you used to go to bed and now instead of going to bed at midnight, you’re falling asleep at 9 p.m. Something is just different. Your mom asks you if anything is going on and the answer is no. Your friends tell you that you need to cheer up and stop being a bummer. But you just feel like this and why is it so easy to be a bummer and so hard to cheer up sometimes. 

Sometimes this lasts for a couple hours or a couple of days or even a couple weeks. And as the cycle goes, somehow you just fade back into normalcy like this mood faded into your life, unknown and unexplainable. Then everything is good for a while: you react faster, have genuine smiles, stay out later, enjoy what’s happening around you. Then yet again, it creeps back in and you find yourself back in bed taking another nap.


Vulnerability is something that in the past has been chalked up as weak. Most people have this idea that strong people cannot get hurt, emotionally or physically. They are just always good and that is why they are strong. If you ask my parents what I should write about in my college essay, it would probably be an exposition of my greatest accomplishments and my most valuable traits. But why is it not my worst experiences and my least desirable traits? Because that shows vulnerability. If they know everything that is wrong with me, and I am the deliverer of that information, then they have all the tools to their disposal and enough justification to judge and deny me. And I was the hand that dealt my bad cards. 

But there is something about succeeding despite the presence of roadblocks that makes winning so much more meaningful. If I were to only present information that favored me, then I would be succeeding artificially. Authenticity is something unvalued at times when people get caught up in a facade. However, Being authentic is the only way in ensuring that everything accomplished in whatever one does is truly meaningful. So why try to hide what we can’t help? Colleges ask for essays to collect some insight into the individuals’ personalities. They want to know what you’ve overcome and how you’ve changed and that everything might not always be rainbows and kittens all the time but you are still working and trying to make the most of whatever you have. Colleges want to know who you are and if you are vulnerable, as everyone else on the planet is, there’s no reason to hide that part of you. 

High School Artifact

I spend a couple months every year stuck in an old, subpar gym. I spend a couple consecutive Saturdays waking up at 7 am just to get into a freezing car, in the freezing cold, and driving to a freezing gym. I spend a couple game days playing 8 minute quarters, 16 minute halves, 32 minute games. I can complain about the state of the gym or the temperature outside or not getting any rest but I wouldn’t take a single part of it back. 

Basketball by far made and created my favorite and most cherished high school memories. I couldn’t imagine spending all the time basketball requires with anyone else but the teammates that easily turned into some of the closest people in my life. And I can’t complain to being doing a sport I love with people I love can I? 

Being part of a team helped me in so many ways, like feeling loved when times were rough, or learning to grow when things could stunt. It taught me how to say goodbye to those leaving and say hello to those coming up. It taught me how to get over things, mature, and deal with my problems head on. It taught me how to deal with authority and to stand up and speak out when that authority is wrong and misguided. It taught me how to deal with loss and love and to accept victories with humbleness. For all of that, I will be forever grateful to my first love as I am about to let it go after this upcoming season.

Onions Make you Cry


The many layers of an onion are like the many layers of a person’s personality. The freshest parts of a vegetable are thought to be the best. Like the layers of an onion, every layer beneath the last is fresher. The same could be said for its comparison. The deeper you get into someone’s personality and their soul, it gets better, fresher, and more authentic. 

With this, most people know pretty definitively if they like or dislike onions. For example, My boyfriend hates onions and refuses to eat them. That just means more for me as I am of the side that actually likes onions. I think they accentuate central dishes well as a side or mixed in to add texture and flavor. I think both sides can agree, however, that onions do not go well as the main course or a stand alone snack. Only those of the weird variety would bite into one like an apple.

Everyone knows if you cut into a raw onion, the sheer intensity of its pungentness is enough to make a grown man cry. It’s like when you finally delve deep and discover the truth of someone’s self. This is the side of some people that can hurt you and make you cry, just like the scent of a freshly cut raw onion. Sometimes this hurt can cause you to walk away and refuse to associate. Or some decide that it’s worth fighting for, that the final more stable product is worth the pain of an uphill climb. However, some people find that the trouble is more than it’s worth or they find that the happiness was well worth the pain. Sometimes this onion is bittersweet. 



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