Graphic Design In the rework of my graphic design essay I chose to use the google site format in an effort to give easy access between the users and it’s content. For my google site I created, I had the effort to re arrange my essay for the new intended audience: prospective graphic designers. For these… Read more Graphic Design

Planning Futures As High Schoolers

I think planning extensive lives and careers during high school is something that places lots of pressure on students who are emerging into the adult world. It’s obviously important to go to school and have a successful career to lead a life that will be the most beneficial to you, but that’s something that everybody… Read more Planning Futures As High Schoolers


Hiking is one of my favorite year round activities that gets me outside and gets me exercise at the same time while having fun. I’ve always enjoyed hiking on more rigorous paths than just the simple ones because they often lead to a more undiscovered ending a lot of people won’t see. Most trails that… Read more Hiking