From “The Apology Broker” and taken by Sarah Gonzales for NPR

by Saanvi Gutta

I’m very, very good at apologizing,

Because I feel like it’s always my fault.

If my mistakes were all locked up,

I’m a robber who steals them from a vault.


Every problem is a solar system

That revolves around me.

Every misstep or disturbance,

Sets them all spiraling.


I say all the wrong things.

And mess up the big part.

I trip and keep falling,

For a brain all I have is a heart.


If the world was a clear lake,

I always ripple the surface,

And ruin the tranquility,

I’m the cause, more than less.


So for every blunder,

Mistake, misstep, problem,

I have an apology.

Because I’m good at those.

I’m very, very good at apologizing.

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