“Just me, I Am” by Anushka Yerramareddy

She just so happened to be there that day,

as I was taking a stroll around Glenforest Bay.

So I decided to go and greet her there,

and I told her my name was Sally O’Hare.


“Nice to meet you,” she said with a smile,

and she claimed she had lived somewhere near the Nile.

But of course I knew her words were lies;

she was a pale little thing with ocean-like eyes.


Yet I dared to ask, “Who are you, ma’am?”

And she replied with, “Just me. Just me, I am.”

“Just Me,” I addressed her in a mocking way,

“will you be here tomorrow, right by the bay?”


“Of course,” she answered with a sly little grin,

and off she went, with a small tilt of her chin.

So I came for her the very next day,

but Just Me was nowhere in sight at Glenforest Bay. 

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