Rupa Vira: The Signature

21760 Beaumeade Circle, Unit 120

Ashburn, VA 20147

(571) 442 8844

Rupa Vira is a vegetarian based restaurant located in Beaumeade Circle on Loudoun County Parkway. This is one of the ONLY purely vegetarian Indian restaurants in the Ashburn area, making it unique dining experience in the area. Chef Rupa Vira brings to diners the authentic taste and flavor of India in her signature style. Not only serving North Indian food, it also caters a variety of Indo-Chinese foods, such as “Gobi Manchurian” and “Hakka noodles,” and South Indian food,s such as “dosas” and “idlis”, all of which are scrumptious.

Rupa Vira was established as a catering-based restaurant approximately 2-3 years ago and has found great success serving customers in Maryland, Virginia and DC.

The Signature has a very efficient and fast service, approximating a 20 minute wait time for a meal. Its staff is hospitable and kind to the guests. This restaurant is also accommodating of certain allergies and dietary restrictions. Along with the delicious food, they also offer a variety of Indian drinks, such as “lassi” and a “pan milshake”.

As a customer told me, “Rupa Vira gives me that homey sense as I myself am a vegetarian, and the staff always makes me feel at home here!” While many people in Loudoun County might not vegetarians, there is still a lot to love at Rupa Vira, and the restaurant offers a sense of home for all people no matter their dietary restrictions. Go visit it sometime!


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