xxxtentacion – “Bad” and “Falling Down” – Track Critic Review

What labels are doing to the recently passed is cruel and people don’t realise it.

If you don’t already know, rappers xxxtentacion and lil peep have passed in the past year, xxxtentacion being shot and lil peep from a drug overdose. These are very unfortunate and sad things to happen. But both artists, statistically, have gotten a lot of attention from those events.

Labels are trying to capitalize from the attention that they are getting by releasing these two songs for xxx, and both artists are posthumously releasing an album in 2018.

The reason why these labels releasing these tracks and albums is disrespectful and greedy is because the tracks are clearly unfinished, unmastered, and are purely snippets. On the latest track “Bad” you can literally hear the microphone popping because it was probably recorded as an idea or freestyle.

Xxxtentacion and lil peep piggybackers that go crazy for him and think he is the goat will gobble this music up even though the tracks are pure trash, and the labels know it.

I cant wait to listen how bad the next albums from them will be considering the emo folk music they both put out in the past were awful and now the labels are releasing unpolished emo folk.

Way to end the year with a bang!