Lil Yachty- “Nuthing 2 Prove”: Critic Album Review

Lil yachty fell off hard.

To give a brief history of lil yachty’s come up; Lil yachty first starting turning heads with his breakout tape “Lil boat”. This tape got decent to good critical reception, but is known for starting a whole new wave of trap music, one with auto-crooners and letting the silliness of the music shine through instead of the music. Many people credit him to starting to popularize mumble rap, and undoubtodly he started his own wave. LIl yachty released 2 projects afterwards, which were some of the worst each year. Both “Summer Songs 2” and especially “Teenage Emotions” felt overblown, lazy, underwritten, and over polished. The charisma of lil yachty’s tape “Lil Boat” was gone and what was replaced was a label driven pop rap fiasco. Luckely, lil boat mostly made a return to form on lil boat 2, but instead of auto crooning, dark spacey beats allowed him to again, carve his own lane.

But what lil yachty did on his latest project “Nuthing 2 Prove” sounds like he fell behind on his own wave he started.

The main flaws with this project is that he sits in the backseat of each song and lets his features do most of the work. If it is your project, you should be the main focus of the project, not letting your adversaries outshine you.

Another huge flaw is that nothing sounds unique on this album. He sounds lazy and like hes not even trying, on the wave he started himself. A pioneer of the subgenre fell behind while other artists went ahead of him, and that’s what is happening on this album.

Theneedledrop noted that he also thinks hes not trying at all.

Pitchfork noted that the only thing that is good about  this album is his singing, and his rapping sucks. I disagree and think the overuse of autotune on this particular record was was more obnoxious than his previous albums.



Pitchfork- 5/10