1. Nav
    1. I love nav so much. Hes the first brown boy to get it poppin. He sounds so clique and formuleic and so fresh.
  2. Nas
    1. Nas (also known as Nasir, Lil nax s, and Nassim) is actually super terrible and illmatic is not one of the best rap albums of all time,
  3. Maroon 5
    1. Mansour 5 is such a good band. LOL! They really outdid themselves on their last 20 albums.
  4. Lil xan
    1. Lil xan is such a mood. It was such a bruh moment when he faked a pregnancy and a miscarriage for views.
  5. Gunna
    1. Gunna is one of the best rappers of 2019. He kinda maybe sorta sounds like young thug tho.
  6. Lil Baby
    1. Lil Baby is one of the best rappers of 2019. He kinda maybe sorta sounds like young thug tho.
  7. Lana Del Ray
    1. Wowzies. Melodrama is a great rap album. If only metro boomin would come in with more beats tho.
  8.  Every single rapper in dc
    1. This is a kinda quirky opinion, but, shy glizzy clones really give me eargazms
  9. Playboi Carti
    1. Ooh yeah my stummy hurt
  10. Ariana Grande
    1. Do i really have to explain why she is such a good rapper? I love his black lives matter commentary.

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Lil Pump – “Harverd Dropout”: Critic Album Review

Unfortuatly, the once genre defining “soundcloud rapper” Lil Pump gets washed up by a bigger platform, expensive production, and low effort.

Lil pump burst on to the scene making meme rap song like “Lil Pump” until he dropped “D Rose”. This song propelled him to fame for his repetitive hooks taking up most of the whole track, bass-heavy, grimey production from the likes of ronnyj and bighead, amazing energy across his songs and also probably having the most dumb-downed lyrics of our generation. I know that a lot of people think that his last album was trash but i enjoyed it very much for the exact reasons i just said. Lil pump took almost all his appeal and threw it in the washing machine on his latest album.

I think that lil pump thinks he cant put out whatever music he wants and people would  pay attention because people either like or dislike him based of his meme status as an artist and being the ultimate middle finger to artists that devote a lot of time to crafting thier work and will probably not be as big as he is. In turn the music sounds lazy, forced, and unenergetic. Some of the songs sound lifeless, hooks boring, flows slower than usual, and no cohesion between his features.

Another thing that has downgraded is the lyricism, but ironically not actually a downgrade. His lyricism has improved in his vocabulary, but the magic of his catchy hooks are gone with longer verses about topics no one wants to hear or is down right wrong. Topics include being a drug addict, saying people would like to be and act like lil pump (no), and dropping out of school. He thinks that rapping about the things that people clique him about is good, but it just comes off as cringey and his super boring flows don’t help.

The beats are squeaky clean, vibrant but in a formulaic way, with most of the beats across this album having barely any variation. Some of the beats are even down right annoying, such as the song stripper name. This may not be a big problem for other rappers but for Lil pump, the beats and how he works them is mostly his selling point.

Yea, this album was super lazy and underwhelming and boring most of the way through.

Antlab: 4/10

Theneedledrop: 4/10

rick the lai: 5/10

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21 Savage – “I am > I was”: Critic Album Review

21 Savage’s latest album is an example of how an artist should grow and improve over time.

A lot of artists nowadays start off making new and interesting music, or a hit, and afterwards fall off hard or put no effort into their music because they’ve already made it (happens in the rap game all the time). But in my opinion, 21 savage is one of the trap rappers that have grown and improved over time. 21 savages first 3 projects in my opinion are not good music. I do acknowledge that he did bring a cold-blooded, murderous vibe to the rap scene, but the music is just extremely boring, tedious, and lazy. fast forward to the collab album with Offset and metro boomin, 21 savage finally finds his groove on catchy flows, haunting beats from metro boomin, and great cohesion with offset; without warning is my favorite 21 savage project to date. But today we are reviewing his latest album, i am > i was. Although i personally didn’t enjoy the direction that 21 savage took this album in compared to “without warning”, but the growth here in every aspect of the songs has improved and are mostly enjoyable. His rapping is more clear, beats more fleshed out, and features break up the obnoxiousness of 21 savage by himself that usually plagues his past projects. Overall its a decent project for me and I hope he doesn’t get deported.

Theneedledrop: 7/10

Pitchfork: 7/10

Antlab: Strong6 or Light7 / 10

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My Grammy Picks

Lady Gaga & Bradley CooperBest New ArtistHere are my picks for the catagories i am invested in; who i think will win and my personal favorite.

1. Record Of The Year

THIS IS AMERICA: Childish Gambino (My prediction & personal pick: for being the most impact)

2. Album Of The Year

INVASION OF PRIVACY: Cardi B (My prediction because of the cultural dominance she had, general good critical reception, and because shes a woman)

DIRTY COMPUTER: Janelle Monáe (Personal Pick because it is the best album on here critically and for me too)

3. Song Of The Year

THIS IS AMERICA (Same thing from record of the year)

4. Best New Artist

H.E.R. (My prediction because of the critical acclaim)

CHLOE X HALLE (Most talented out of all these options, even if they are all bad)

5. Best Pop Solo Performance

GOD IS A WOMAN Ariana Grande (My prediction and pick; because this is the only song on here with a non-laidback singing voice besides lady gaga’s which is not as popular, and im going to cry if Havana wins)

6. Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

SHALLOW Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (My prediction and pick, because of the cohesion between the two and every other song is garbage water)

8. Best Pop Vocal Album

SWEETENER Ariana Grande (My pick and prediction, every other album on here is an example of why mainstream pop has died)

22. Best Rap Performance

SICKO MODE Travis Scott (Prediction because mo bamba)

BUBBLIN Anderson .Paak (Least generic, most fun, and unique song on this roster)

Best Rap Song

SICKO MODE (Prediction and pick; most popular; and although i think its severly overrated, i will credit its mind warping asthetic and for changing trap again for the second time since rodeo)

25. Best Rap Album

INVASION OF PRIVACY Cardi B (Prediction; critical acclaim, dominance on the charts, 4 times platinum, and a woman)

DAYTONA Pusha T (My pick; not the best but the best on this list)


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WORST Album of 2018! – “Skins” by xxxtentacion (‘s management) – Critic Album Review

I called it.

This album sucked and i don’t even have to explain it; but i will anyway.

Sonically, this album, as predicted by the singles and track length of ten songs for 17 minutes, is an absolute mess of nothingness and terrible production. Songs barely start before they are finished, the production is ringtone worthy, and sounds like someone recorded it outside and purposely downed the bitrate. The songs are despondent, barely recognizable, and there is nothing gratifying about listening to this. The lyrics don’t tackle anything at all, and it seems like this album has no purpose.

Although this music is absolute garbage, which even die hard x clout chasers will admit is awful, i cant put the responsibility on the artist himself, but the blame goes to his greedy label. Unfortunately (another thing i called), the labels are using this as a cash grab and even after the outcry to let him rest and the critical consensus being very negative, Empire has 2 or more albums for x planned in the upcoming years.

Oh nonono.

TheNeedleDrop 2/10

Pitchfork 3/10

antlab – 1/10

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