My Grammy Picks

Lady Gaga & Bradley CooperBest New ArtistHere are my picks for the catagories i am invested in; who i think will win and my personal favorite.

1. Record Of The Year

THIS IS AMERICA: Childish Gambino (My prediction & personal pick: for being the most impact)

2. Album Of The Year

INVASION OF PRIVACY: Cardi B (My prediction because of the cultural dominance she had, general good critical reception, and because shes a woman)

DIRTY COMPUTER: Janelle Monáe (Personal Pick because it is the best album on here critically and for me too)

3. Song Of The Year

THIS IS AMERICA (Same thing from record of the year)

4. Best New Artist

H.E.R. (My prediction because of the critical acclaim)

CHLOE X HALLE (Most talented out of all these options, even if they are all bad)

5. Best Pop Solo Performance

GOD IS A WOMAN Ariana Grande (My prediction and pick; because this is the only song on here with a non-laidback singing voice besides lady gaga’s which is not as popular, and im going to cry if Havana wins)

6. Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

SHALLOW Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (My prediction and pick, because of the cohesion between the two and every other song is garbage water)

8. Best Pop Vocal Album

SWEETENER Ariana Grande (My pick and prediction, every other album on here is an example of why mainstream pop has died)

22. Best Rap Performance

SICKO MODE Travis Scott (Prediction because mo bamba)

BUBBLIN Anderson .Paak (Least generic, most fun, and unique song on this roster)

Best Rap Song

SICKO MODE (Prediction and pick; most popular; and although i think its severly overrated, i will credit its mind warping asthetic and for changing trap again for the second time since rodeo)

25. Best Rap Album

INVASION OF PRIVACY Cardi B (Prediction; critical acclaim, dominance on the charts, 4 times platinum, and a woman)

DAYTONA Pusha T (My pick; not the best but the best on this list)


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