“Anger Management” – RIco Nasty & Kenny Beats (ALBUM REVIEW)

This album left me intrigued, satisfied, and happy but somewhat dissatisfied at the same time.

Rico nasty is one of the most polarizing new rappers in the game right now. In my opinion she is one of the only good female rappers right now, while also representing the DMV, where not many rappers are getting attention, mostly because of it being stagnant from so many shy glizzy and atlanta copies. Rico nasty broke out with a couple of mixtapes, focused mostly on auto-crooned trap rap where she raps typical rapper-esc lines. She received a lot of attention on her follow up mixtape “Nasty” where she showed a more aggressive style of rapping. Kenny beats takes up most of the production on this album.

In my opinion, rico nasty has three types of rapping styles: screaming, nasty, and autotune. Screaming is self explanatory (tracks such as “rage”), autotune is just her autotune singing or rapping normally (“hockey”, “oreo”), and nasty, which is my favorite version of rico, is where she isn’t necessarily screaming, but it sounds like its coming from a relentless bulldog, if i had to describe it (tracks such as “trust issues” and “countin up”.

On this album, ricos “screaming” style of rapping is at her peak on the first half of this album. Songs such as “cold” and “cheat code” are relentless and without a couple of listens, its not too gentle on the ear, in a good way.. The highlights of songs such as “Big titties” and “hatin” is rico’s funny bars. The reason i mentioned those styles of rapping earlier is because on this latest album, rico trails of of the second half of the album and goes into a boom bap style, which only works on one of the tracks, which im amazed how she pulled it off. On “sell out” she raps about the themes of anger, and does so with skillful bars.

The problems i have with this album start with that since this album is so short, there isn’t much room for error. Unfortunately, the tracks “mood” and “again” are completely uninspired. Again to me just feels like a Sugartrap 2 b side, and on mood, there is no cohesion between this guy named splurge, where he just sounds like a fake version of ksupreme.

The reason i said i was slightly somewhat dissatisfied is because the singles leading up to the album where some of her best, and sounded similar to some of my favorite rico tracks off of nasty. This album isn’t how those tracks sounded like, which is fine, but i can’t deny i was hoping she would come through with those. Although this album is somewhat inconsistent, the peak tracks are some of ricos best, which is enough for me to give it a 7/10.

antlab – 7/10

theneedledrop 6/10

Pitchfork 7/10

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