Billboard Music Awards LOSERS List!

Instead of going over who won in the BBMAs (#boring), lets go over who sucks and deserved to lose!

Top Billboard 200 Album: Thank god drake won he 100% deserved it with how much effort he put in. Scorpion > Astroworld. Drake also sold less too but okay.

Top Duo: How did bts win this if their not a duo lol. I thought dan and shay was the youtubers dan and phil for a minute.

Top Artist (LOSER): Even though drake deserved to lose, screw cardi b she is a waman i hait woaman who wrap.

Top New Artist (LOSER): Thank god lil baby (gunna) lost his stupid bulldog face and he sounds just like young thug.

Top R&B Album: How did X win this. 17 came out in 2017 what.

Billboard Chart Achievement Award (LOSER): I thought bradley cooper died or something.

Billboard Chart Achievement Award(LOSER): Did they fr actually spit on travis scott and x’s grave by giving drake the award when he hasn’t dropped anything eligible for this award.



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