Nav – Discography Review

Nav is one of the most blandest, unoriginal, boring rappers of the trap wave. His voice is unoriginal, and is somehow boring and degrading at the same time. There is no empathy or emotion in his voice, and he uses the same flow and delivery for every single song across 4 albums. His autotune just adds to the unbearability of his voice, as it is overused, and not in a technical way such as the likes of travis scott and future use it. It is overblown and sounds like if a robot were to rap. Nav’s lyrical talent goes below the most generic, tasteless, common ground lyrics in trap; as he somehow makes it worse. When raps he goes below the low expectation for lyrics, with topics such as not understanding consent, thinking that everyone hates him because he is not white/black, and people wanting to be just like him.

I believe that people only listen to nav if they’re not that into music and just need something occasionally to pass the time, but for people that really love music or have any respect for it in the slightest, then this is just a slap in the face to the process of being creative and having talent in the music game.

I really hope this industry plant soaks up too much lean from the soil and dies.

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  1. I went to a Weeknd concert where he opened for him and it was literally terrible. He’s bad usually but live it is awful.

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