There are (unfortunately) only a few great female rappers in the game right now!

Female rappers are generally looked down upon by a lot of hip hop fans, and lets take a look at why this is.

The biggest and most critical reason is that most female rappers feel like they have to have a bad attitude in order to be successful. After the success of cardi b and especially nicki minaj, a ton of copy cats such as asian doll and bhad bhabie pull the same stunt. For a lot of listeners, having this persona turns people off as a listener, and even for the people that do enjoy it, it gets super repetitive especially with the amount that cardi, nicki, and her copycats have been outputting lately. While I don’t think that female rappers shouldn’t be excluded from making dumb, fun music like everyone else does, but not many of them do it well, and everyĀ shtick runs dry eventually (kinda how lil pump wore off his appeal in the last album he had).

I think that female rappers could have a great role in the rap community if they chose to rap about their unique perspective instead of their bad attitude. Rappers like noname have already done this, where she applied her perspective of racism and how she was treated as a woman in chicago. This angle she provided us was unique and was like no other, and is widely considered one of the best female hip hop albums of the decade, unlike nicki minaj where it received mixed to bad ratings.

Happy international women’s day!

6 thoughts on “There are (unfortunately) only a few great female rappers in the game right now!

  1. i totally agree, rappers like cuban doll and asian doll and even saweetie talk about how they’re prettier than everyone else and how they love se or how they’ll fight anyone. i dont really like many female rappers other than young MA and rico nasty for this reason.

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