WORST Album of 2018! – “Skins” by xxxtentacion (‘s management) – Critic Album Review

I called it.

This album sucked and i don’t even have to explain it; but i will anyway.

Sonically, this album, as predicted by the singles and track length of ten songs for 17 minutes, is an absolute mess of nothingness and terrible production. Songs barely start before they are finished, the production is ringtone worthy, and sounds like someone recorded it outside and purposely downed the bitrate. The songs are despondent, barely recognizable, and there is nothing gratifying about listening to this. The lyrics don’t tackle anything at all, and it seems like this album has no purpose.

Although this music is absolute garbage, which even die hard x clout chasers will admit is awful, i cant put the responsibility on the artist himself, but the blame goes to his greedy label. Unfortunately (another thing i called), the labels are using this as a cash grab and even after the outcry to let him rest and the critical consensus being very negative, Empire has 2 or more albums for x planned in the upcoming years.

Oh nonono.

TheNeedleDrop 2/10

Pitchfork 3/10

antlab – 1/10

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