How My Blog Is Formatted

Hello Readers,

Welcome to AntLaB22’s Music Reviewer Reviews!

You may be asking, what does that super cool but confusing title mean?

Well have you ever wanted to know a general critical consensus of popular albums, but never feel like reading through many different sources of different opinions?

Well you’re in luck, because what this blog aims to do is collect the main points of several music critics such as but not limited to: theneedledrop, Pitchfork, MetaCritic, AOTY, Shaun Cee, Spectrum Pulse, maybe even myself, etc, and have them organized into a blog as seen here.

Albums will be averaged out to a score out of ten, and a variety of albums will be reviews from hip hop to electronic to pop to noise.

Stay tuned for more of AntLaB22’s Music Reviewer Reviews!

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