EVIL GHOST IN DOC”S CLASS not clickbait*

Using the app Ghost Detector Radar Camera, I found disturbing results. At first, all seemed fine and well. There were no ghosts showing up on the radar. However, soon after, something was horribly wrong. In the North Eastern wing of Doc’s class the radar went of saying that a demon persided there.

As seen in this first image above. The ghost “Carol” classified as a demon is in docs class. You can see the shadow of Carol in the right side of the photo.

If it couldn’t get even scarier, the app allows you to speak to the ghost. We asked it if it was good and its response was “evil” (as shown above).

FInally, we asked the ghost another random question and it replied with “get out.” Sooooo basically that’s why we are in the auditorium for english instead of the classroom smh.

App: Ghost Detector Radar Camera 😯😮😬😱😰😨😭😎😎😎

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