3 Horror Movie Recommendations

*Side Note* All of the movies listed here are on Netflix

  1. The Ritual
  • The Ritual follows 4 friends who take a shortcut through the woods while on a hiking trip through Sweden. The friends run into many paranormal troubles on their way to escape the forest. Overall I would say that this is one of the best horror movies I have watched. After showing my friends the movie they also agreed.

2. The Descent

  • The Descent is about a group of girls that go on a group caving trip. They decide to explore an uncharted cave and eventually get stuck in it. The girls put a great effort in trying to escape the cave while dealing with cave monsters. This movie did was pretty scary, and this is alot coming from me since I have watched so many horror movies.


  • ¬†Oculus follows a brother and sister who encounter a supernatural mirror that caused problems early in life. The sister makes a great effort the whole movie to reveal the evils of the mirror to her brother, while exploring what really happened in the past. I showed this movie to my friends and they were very scared by it.








10 thoughts on “3 Horror Movie Recommendations

  1. I never watched any of these movies. However, your recommendations and explanations of each movie makes me want to see the movie, now. Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. Yeah sometimes you just have to watch the right movies to get into them. I would definitely suggest the ritual if horror movies aren’t usually your thing. It has a very interesting plot, so the movie isn’t just a spam of jump scares.

  2. Although I tend to dislike horror movies because of a lack of enthrallment, The Ritual is a film i’ve seen and I truly found pleasure viewing it.

    1. I think that the ritual would be a good choice out of the three movies if you didn’t want to watch something very scary. It has a thick plot that is not too dark but still keeps you on your toes. Or maybe just watch a comedy lmao.

  3. The ritual is the best one even if it wasn’t the scariest. The plot and vibe of it was so interesting. Thanks for the helpful reviews!

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