BLOG SUGGESTIONS? +the alchemist

Hey guys so I have been at a block of ides so in the comments suggest things that you would like to see me blog about  (I will even shout u out if u do~) also I have been behind on blogs again while reading the alchemist which is kinda scary cause I don’t like […]

Recurring Nightmare

I keep having a dream that I am at a meeting at someone’s house. The meeting is always split up into two groups. One group stays in the main level and the other group goes to the basement. I am always in the group that goes to the basement. Once my group goes to the […]

The Village Review :(

Hey guys, recently I watched a horror movie on Netflix called “The Village”. This movie was about a small town of people who lived like pilgrims. The people in the movie were not able to leave the town because there were stories of monsters living in the surrounding woods. Overall, I really didn’t like this […]


This blog post is in collaboration with Munch Munch click link here Much Much and I both created a meal to offer to the Mesopotamian spirits who dwell in the woods near us. Much Much goes into depth about the process of cooking the ritual meal but I will give a quick overview of the recipe. […]

Scary Bunny *WARNING*

The scary red eye bunny from Minecraft has spawned in real life as a monster!! As most of you may or may not know the bunnies on minecraft are really cute, except for the one with red eyes…. Just look at how evil it looks! Anyways, the other day I went onto instagram and saw […]