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Inconsistencies within Courts

I decided to share this with my business law teacher, who I had originally interviewed for the original paper. I decided to share it with her because she’s truly the reason I was interested in the topic to begin with. I never imagined I would ever want to write about law, but she really showed me a new door.

When we were first assigned the project, I knew I wanted to do the pecha kucha. Even though to me it seemed a bit harder, or a bit more work than everything else, the other genres I felt didn’t work well with my topic. For example: the google sites, I tried making one while we were doing stations, and I did make one, but the communication part didn’t flow as well as I wanted it to. My only other idea was the prezi, but to be quite honest I did not want to show my face. Prezi would have been an emergency last minute everything is failing me plan.

The changes I made to the actual text of the paper was way more drastic than I thought it would be. At first I had whole paragraphs. I extremely overestimated how long it would take me to read, and 20 seconds is not a long time at all. I did have to end up cutting a lot of context I would’ve liked, but in the end I think I ended up with a nice overall summary.


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Closing of a Door

Hi, to whoever happens to come across this. For most of you, since the blogs will soon become no more, this is probably the last piece of writing you’ll be reading from me. I’m quite sad the blogs are coming to an end. It allowed a new way to communicate and express ourselves. Especially letting me know more about all of you, which is crazy to think that for most of us we’ve spent the last four years together and maybe even more. I just wanted to thank you, for everything: for this time, for this experience, for making me happy. To be honest, I don’t really know most of you. I know your name, I know your face, but I don’t know you. Which makes it crazy to think that I’ve spent the majority of my life knowing some of you, from elementary school till now. I would love to get to know everybody, but I don’t think we have that kind of time. Even if I don’t know you and you don’t know me, I wish you the best. May you achieve your dreams and live your best life. Because reasonably, after we graduate, step foot outside of ION, and start our own adventures, what are the chances I’d ever see all of you again? Not very high. So I just wanted to say it now, even though we still have some months ahead of us, it’ll all go faster than a blink of an eye. So again, thank you for everything. I couldn’t have done it without you.


Door to the DeLorean

Dear Future Me,

This is for after graduation.

You made it. You did it. Can you believe it? Does it feel like it was all a dream, a distant memory? That’s what I expect it to feel like. Congratulations are in order; I’m sure you’re getting that a lot right now. Are you happy? Did things play out as you hoped? I’m sure they didn’t, but if you’re reading this then it means you worked through it.

I’m proud of you. If nobody else is just know that I am. Maybe you’re not proud of yourself right now, but I am. You worked for this. You worked for this day. You earned this.

I sure hope you’re happy. I hope you look back and realize it was all worth it. Maybe not all worth it for a piece of paper, but for the experience. Maybe you won’t look back to think high school was the highlight of your life (I sure hope not. Things better be getting better after this.), but I hope you look back and smile. I hope you remember. I hope we remember because I don’t want to forget this. Time is zooming by, and I’m trying to savor every second.

Have you done what you’ve wanted? Are you happy with who you are? Because I’m sure who you are now is much different than who I am or who you used to be. Or maybe we haven’t changed at all. That means we’ve got some growing to do.

Oh! I almost forgot, you’re eighteen now! Wow, whoever let you become a legal adult was definitely under the influence. Who knows, maybe this adult thing will work out for you. Try not to become a criminal alright? Or do, up to you really, you’re the adult here.

My point being… congratulations. Now go try to be a functioning member of society.




A Locked Door

Whenever my friends are doubting themselves on something because they’re afraid they will be judge by others, I’m always like, “Who cares? Do what makes you happy! The people who judge you don’t matter.”

You should know that I’m a hypocrite.

Recently I’ve been rethinking this whole path I’ve been taking. Am I following this path because I want to, or is it because it’s expected of me? It’s a bit difficult to decipher when I don’t even know what I want. It’s a bit stressful because it’s my senior year, and people expect me to know what I want, to have my future planned out, but I don’t. I’m at a loss right now, so I’m just going with the flow. It’s not so bad. Not yet at least.

I just don’t want to have regrets, but who does?

How am I supposed to plan out my future when I have no idea what I want, what I’m good at, or what makes me happy?

Then people are like, “You don’t know what makes you happy? How do you not know what makes you happy?”

You know what makes me happy? Tofu, Tofu makes me happy, but I can’t make a career out of that now can I?

I did find something that immediately got me excited. Area and Ethnic Studies. I’ve never heard of that before. I could do that I thought. I could be happy doing that. I want to do that. I could envision myself with that future. I was elated. For the first time since I started this search, I found something I wanted, something that would make me happy. It’s as if everything had come together and an enormous weight has been lifted off my chest. I was ecstatic. I smiled until my cheeks were sore, but even then I couldn’t stop smiling.

That is until some people in my life didn’t believe that it was an option. Not that they thought I was lying, more of they chose not to see it as an option. Remember when I said do what makes you happy. The people who judge you don’t matter. Yeah, I’m a hypocrite.


A New Door

Ever since I was little, I hated writing. I did not like it one bit. Every year I dreaded having to write an essay. I’ve never had a way with words; It just never came naturally to me. I loved reading though, I still do. I read book, after book, after book. My parents hated when I was reading, not because they hate reading itself, but because when I read nothing will stop me. While I was reading one time, our microwave had caught on fire, courtesy of my brother, and I had done nothing due to being too absorbed in my book.

Point being, Writing: not my forte. Reading: Pretty good.

That is until tenth grade hit. If someone would have told little me that I would enjoy writing one day I would have called blasphemy! The Kim I know would never write out of her own volition.

Little Kim, I’m sorry to disappoint.

In tenth grade, I got assigned my first ever creative writing short story. My teacher specifically told us that if it was more than 3 pages she wasn’t reading the rest. I wrote 9 pages. Can you believe it? Me, person who does not like writing, acts as if it’s excruciating torture, wrote more than I needed too. Not just more by like a page, more by 6 pages, which was crazy at that time because at that time I’ve never written anything more than 4 pages. It just opened up a whole new world. A whole new side of writing that I never knew. It sounds dramatic and cliche, but my life really did change. Now writing is what makes me happy.


Vulnerability in Writing

Vulnerability is such an intimate way of getting to know someone. Generally when someone is being vulnerable, it is at their darkest or weakest moment, and how a person acts or thinks in those moments truly reveal who they are as a person. Everyone has flaws. Everyone has self-hate. Everyone has self-love. People are much more complex than one side good and one side bad. The world isn’t just black and white, in fact the world is very gray. Ironically for a gray world, it’s full of color. That’s why being vulnerable in college essays is important. It lets colleges get to know people as people and not simply as statistics.

When I was writing my college essay, I thought it would be easy. I’d write about some bad qualities then I’d write about some good things I’ve done, a rebuttal sort of thing. I was actually very excited to write my college essay because the prompt, “Every Name has a Story; Tell us yours,” inspired me. My creativity was flowing; I had so many ideas with incorporating my family into it since I was named after my great grandfathers. I was writing writing writing until I got to the part of writing about my flaws. I knew exactly how I wanted to start it. I started writing about stupid things I do that just explained me. In the beginning, it was just funny stuff my friends tease me for, but as I kept writing I kept going deeper and self deprecating. Not that I wrote it down, I just was constantly thinking negative thoughts. Eventually I was sucked into a loop of self-hate. I just kept going. My flaws paragraph was now the biggest paragraph I had. I had to stop.

I stopped.

But how to begin again? My next paragraph was suppose to be about the good things about me, but how am I suppose to write about the good when all I can think about is the bad?

I left it alone for a day. A day turned into two. Two turned into three. Three turned into a week until I just had to finish it. It was terrible. I just wasn’t in the right mindset. I felt like I was just choking, coughing words onto the page. Every word, every sentence was a struggle. To me it was too random, too absurd. Nothing made sense. It didn’t flow.

I hated it.

I turned it in. I just had to get it over with. When I hit submit, I felt relief and dread hit me both at once. What had I done?


Organic Object: Dear Patty

Dear Patty Pan Squash, 

I shall call you Patty. 

Could you believe someone brought in one of your brethren? Imagine my surprise, but oh well, you all are a cool looking bunch. I mean look at you, you’re adorable! That shade of sunshine yellow just fills me with joy. You remind me of a flower like you belong in the spring.

 I was showing you off to my friends earlier, but I don’t think they truly appreciate you like I do. Is it childish to appreciate the small simple things in life? Is it childish to feel joy at the overlooked? Is it childish to acknowledge and adore what others ignore? Objects like you make me happy, I don’t know why, but you do even if it’s just for a short period of time.

 Sadly, my mom said once I was done, research shall commence, so I am cherishing this time with you while I still have it. All good things must come to an end, but the end isn’t what’s important. It’s like saying we were destined to die, maybe that’s true, but if that’s what you focus on you’d miss the point of life: to be happy and enjoy it as much as you can. A book isn’t written to just have it end, and so, to our future memories.

 Do you think I will remember you? My memory is not known to be the best, the opposite actually. I hope I learn to remember because I hate forgetting and how terrible it is to forget the things that make you happy. 


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