Artificial Intelligence

I sent my communication to Cathy Rudd, my cybersecurity teacher because I wanted her to make a segment on artificial intelligence for our class. This way I will be able to inform the younger people in our society about artificial intelligence so they can decide for themselves on whether to trust and let artificial intelligence integrate deeper into their lives. 

I chose a google site because I thought it would be the best way to convey this information in a way that keeps a younger audience’s attention. Furthermore, this genre is easily comprehended and can make little to no confusion. While I was creating this site I was thinking mostly about how to keep a younger person’s attention on the information I was trying to convey to them so I decided to use as little amount of words as possible. I also added pictures so that my audience has something to look at after they are done reading. Lastly, I asked the audience their opinions on AI’s to get their minds working. In my essay I added things to make the audience think; for example, “You may be thinking “this is a good thing, right?”, but it is a double-edged sword.” This was put in to go against their previous thoughts which makes them more invested in reading the rest.

Talent Show

Hello everyone! Today I will tell a story I am personally embarrassed about, but since I have no other ideas for a blog post, I’m going to write about it. During a summer camp, the campers were forced to participate in a talent show. Me, being completely devoid of any talent, had limited options and was forced to get creative. I was shuffling through my phone’s playlist seeing if there as a funny song to lip sync to, when my camp counselor got angry that the talent show was in 30 minutes, and I still had no ideas. He decided for me. I was going to karaoke to Katy Perry’s “Firework”. Most of the kids were doing something moderately embarrassing, but mine took the cake.  I was about 15th in the line up, and the first few acts blew through as they were just really bad magic tricks. When my time to shine finally rolled around, I had a lot of butterflies in my stomach, but I still made my way up to the stage. Everyone was laughing and all was very well, util mid way through the second verse, my voice cracked horribly, and I turned the mic away, and feedback filled the room as everyone covered their ears in agonizing pain as the room was filled with a loud screech. The second chorus was even worse. I was fumbling my word and to be honest I didn’t even know the whole song. I stepped off the stage before they finished applauding and sat back down. Everyone high fived me for the bravery and perseverance I displayed out on stage.

Kings Dominion

In the first week of summer, I signed up for a field trip to Kings Dominion with a friend of mine. Throughout the time remaining between now and the trip, I was the most excited I have been in a while, after all, it was the first time I’ve gone to an amusement park in years. Finally, the day has come I packed money, a swimming suit, an extra pair of clothes just in case. I had thought of everything, almost everything. I soon noticed on the ride there I had forgotten one of the most important things for a trip, a snack. About an hour in, I started getting hungry and it only got worse from there. The hunger I felt was unbearable, it got so bad I asked other people on the bus for something to eat. Luckily, someone was kind enough to give m a bag of chips. 

When we arrived at Kings Dominion I could hear the distant screams of the horrified guests. We got there early and there weren’t long lines so we were able to get front row seats to all the rides including Intimidator. My friend and I rode almost every ride and the most exhilarating one by far was The Intimidator. In my opinion, The Intimidator was the best ride in the whole park. It was so fun that my friend and I went on it 3 more times. The ride was incredibly so fast that I started to realize my vision was going dark, but I could still feel the pressure of the wind on my whole body. It was as if I was about to go blind. It came time to leave, but my friend still wanted to go swimming. He convinced me that it was best we go swimming while we have the chance. While everyone was heading back to the bus we were in the wave pool swimming to our heart’s content. Soon we realized that it was almost half an hour since we were supposed to meet. We rushed to get our things together and sprint to the exit. Somehow we got lost and it took an extra 15 minutes for us to find our way. When we arrived the supervisor was furious, but at least I had fun.


When I was a child I experimented with many sports, but the only one that stuck with me was basketball. Basketball is the most ideal sport there is, you can play it almost anywhere and you don’t have to deal with the blazing sun or incredibly cold winds. I first started playing in elementary, but back then I would always go to the other side of the court and shoot during recess. When I got into middle school that’s when things started to escalate. I joined a program that let me use the indoor court as much as I wanted. Every day after school I would go to practice and have fun with other people who joined. I would shoot and shoot until I couldn’t lift my arms anymore. Eventually, I learned of something called a layup, it turns out layups are a big part of basketball. It was going great, until one day I just stopped. I can’t remember why I stopped, It was so fun to play especially with friends. Fast forward a couple of months, my friends ask me to play with them. When I stepped on the court it felt so nostalgic, almost like I was remembering everything from the first time I held a basketball. I started shooting and it seemed as if there was an invisible barrier between me and the hoop. I tried taking some layups and those wouldn’t go in either. I was baffled how could I be missing so many shots. Then it hit me, I suck now.

English DE

At first, this english class had me worried. I had heard that this english class had an abundant amount of work and didn’t give you time to do anything else, but as of right now, it hasn’t been to tough. The first day was very surprising to me, I never knew that an english class could be so interactive. We were able to talk and share ideas with our classmates. In my other english classes we would just sit silently and do individual work, to be honest it was extremely boring. It made writing a chore and made me hate it, but in this class we get to interact with the people around us. This made writing so much easier and eve made me start to like it. I believe my writing has improved tremendously after starting this class. Furthermore, my previous english classes would make us write about things I didn’t care about or just wasn’t interested in like climate change, gun laws, or even politics. This class made it so that you could write about and share your views on things you care about. This class made writing more interesting and helped me to put more effort into the things I write. Also I think blog posts and journaling really helped me as well. They helped me think of good topics to write about before I start writing. Before I would just think about what I was going to write as i’m writing my paper. This class helped me a lot with  writing and I would recommend it to anyone who asks.

High School Artifact

I was in my first year of highschool. I was searching for an extracurricular activity to do after school like a club or sport. Then a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do track with him. At the moment I wasn’t too sure, but I realized there was no reason for me not to do it. I’m fast and have a superfluous amount of stamina, so I believed there was nothing I really had to worry about. I soon started going to the conditioning’s after school just to make sure I was in shape and ready for track. I originally wanted to do sprints, but the coach had other plans. She decided to put me on the roster for long distance due to my superfluous amount of stamina, but I wasn’t mad at her for it, because, in my mind, running is running. I soon got the letter of acceptance, telling me to come to the practice tomorrow. On the first day it felt as if my legs would freeze off and the rain was only making it worse. My body wasn’t ready for those temperatures in the slightest. The next day I wore layers of clothes trying to shield myself from the freezing rain and speeding winds, but the clothes served no purpose. In fact, it only made it harder to run. I soon learned I just needed to get used to the freezing weather. Around a month later, the weather started to heat up and the sun was right over head. The heat was so intense I would sweat just sitting down and running was even worse, but that was pretty easy to get used to, at least for me. Around the last month of rigorous training, they gave us our track jackets. That jacket was like an award for all my hard work. In fact, I still wear it to this day. There were a lot of things I didn’t like about track, but I won’t ever regret signing up.

Organic object fig- Kidus W

What is a “fig” I wondered, as my english teacher proceeded to give me not only an object, but an organic object. This was my first time ever laying eyes on such a thing. What are you? A nut? A fruit? A vegetable? I was in a state of confusion, how have I never heard of this so called “fig”? I noticed that it had a close resemblance to a walnut, but when I clutched it with my bare hands I could only feel a swollen raisin. It’s shape was that of a slightly compressed strawberry. It’s exterior was as wrinkled as my fingers after hours in a pool. When I put pressure on it’s core it felt like memory foam. My friends say it’s edible, but I was horrified to imagine the foamy insides being cut apart by the ends of my teeth, my tongue tasting every fiber of its being, my stomach digesting its pulverised form. What do you taste like? I asked as if it would respond. Its texture would make you think it was bland and tasteless, but you could never really know unless you tried it. For a while I wondered, but not being able to take a bite just I asked around. I got a diverse collection of responses from “most disgusting thing ever” too  “I love it so much”. This “fig” exposed my mind to a whole new world. I truly am glad I had such an encounter with such a wonderful organic object. 

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