Bucks advance to the eastern conference finals!

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On Wednesday the Bucks defeated the Celtics 116 – 96 which put the series to 4 – 1 and cause the Bucks to advance to the Eastern conference finals. This is their first time making the conference finals since 2000. This series wasn’t even close the Celtics won the first game by a lot but after that have gotten blown out. Their star players were not performing well because of the great defense and offensive power of the Bucks personally I think that the Bucks will be going to the finals. They are great at home and almost always put up a tough fight at away games with the All star play from Chris Middleton and from Eric Bledsoe and the MVP level play from Giannis they have a very well rounded with great depth in their bench and starting line up. I am very excited to see what else these playoffs have to bring I am hoping to see a Bucks vs Rockets finals but only time will tell. Thanks for reading and who do you think is going to make it to the finals.

Blazers tie series 1-1

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Last night the 3 seeded Trail Blazers defeated the 2 seeded Nuggets. This game was very rough from both teams with one player from each team being injured. Early in the second quarter Torrey Craig was going for the ball and was accidentally hit in the face resulting in a broken nose which was bleeding a lot. The game continued and the Blazers were ahead for most of the game by at least ten points. With the Nuggets down in the 4th Craig came back into the game and hit a 3 which was the first 3 made by the Nuggets since the 1st. Although the Nuggets were down by double digits they were motivated from their teammate and they went on a run cutting the lead down to 5. However the Blazers were not ready to lose holding them from  cutting the lead down anymore and Rodney Hood hit two clutch free throws to clinch the win for the Blazers with a final score of 97-90. Thanks for reading and let me know who you think is going to win this series.

Bucks are about to bring out the brooms!

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The Bucks are up against the Pistons for what seems to be the last time for the season with the Bucks leading the series 3 – 0. This series is basically a bunch of scrimmages and highlights for the Bucks because the Bucks are such a better team than the pistons. My personal favorites to win the finals are by far the Bucks because of the MVP caliber play from Giannis and the all around depth on the Bucks roster. They have little to no weakness all their players can play defense and with the dominance of Giannis in the paint and close range all he has to do is drive in and dunk it or pass it out to one of the many shooters on the team. I think the Bucks are the team that will be able to dethrone the Warriors they are a very well rounded team and seem to not have a weakness and seem to have this series in the bag but only time will tell. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments.

Celtics sweep the Pacers!

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Last night the 3rd seed Celtics sweep the number 5 Pacers final score of 110 – 106 this series could have been a good one if Victor Oladipo wasn’t injured. The Celtics are seemingly back to the team that can go on a run at any time and are great in crunch time again after a bumpy start to the season and finding out where Gordon Hayward fits in their line up they are as smooth as butter. The teams chemistry has clearly improved and its showing on the court everyone is performing and are working well together. If the Celtics keep this up I think they have a chance for a deep playoff run and who knows maybe even a finals appearance. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments.

NBA Playoffs are almost here!

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The regular season has come to an end with all the games finished we finally have our rankings. In the Western conference The Warriors are number 1 the Nuggets are 2 the Trailblazers are 3 and the Rockets are 4 these four teams are all great teams and any of them could beat the other. The Jazz are 5 Thunder are 6 even though the Thunder are a lower seed I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a deep playoff run. The Spurs are 7 and the Clippers are 8 the western conference is looking very strong this year and I think it could honestly be any team besides the Spurs and Clippers to win the Western conference finals. In the East the Bucks are number 1 with the best record in the league followed by the Raptors at 2 the 76ers are 3 the Celtics are 4 these four teams are all great teams and are the main contenders for the eastern conference. The pacers are 5 the Nets are 6 the Magic are 7 and the Pistons are 8 the eastern conference is definitely a smaller race for who could win the conference finals I think it will be between the Bucks Raptors and 76ers. The playoffs are so close and I can’t wait to watch personally I want the Bucks to win the Finals but as long as it’s not the Warriors I don’t really care who wins. Thanks for reading and let me know who you think will continue on in the playoffs.

Jimmer Fredette´s redemption?

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Recently Jimmer Ferdette signed a deal with the Suns to play on their team for the rest of the season. Jimmer was a star in college and was know as the best scorer in the 2010 draft he was a great shooter who could pull up from anywhere. He didn’t make to big of a splash in the NBA and decided to move to china to develop over in the CBA. He managed to win MVP and is currently averaging 36 points per game 5.6 rebounds per game and 5.3 assists per game. Jimmer is a great player and has shown that he has improved and that he deserves a spot in the NBA. If he does end up coming to the Suns i think that he could become a star because if you are averaging 36 points in china you will probably be a good scorer in the NBA. Jimmer has shown to be a great teammate and hard worker if he continues to follow this path who knows maybe in a couple of years he could be the MVP of the NBA but only time will tell. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments.

Are the Warriors going to the championship again?

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After a rough start to the season for them at least the reigning champs seem to be back on track after all four out of five of the starters are all stars so it seems like they will be going again. They have been playing great basketball as of recent they currently are 41 and 16 with a 71.9 win percentage which is the 3rd best in the NBA and the best in the west. However even though they have been playing great basketball they wont get to the finals without a fight the Nuggets are also playing great with a 39 and 18 record this Nuggets team could be a serious problem for the Warriors come playoff time. The NBA personally has been pretty stale in the past few seasons with The Warriors and Cavs going against each other every year  but this season seems to be different the Cavs are the 3rd worst in the NBA at the moment. I am hoping that the finals will be different teams in both conferences but at the moment it seems like the Warriors are on path to go again.

Thanks for reading let me know what you think about their chances of making the finals.

Is James Harden the best scorer in the NBA?

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The former MVP James Harden has been going on an absolute tear at the moment. James Harden is averaging 34.2 points per game on the season which is leading the NBA even though that is extremely impressive in the last ten games he has been averaging 40.7. This just shows that James Harden is the best scorer he is almost unguardable if he somehow stays at this level for the rest of the season then I think he will win MVP. Being able to put up such impresive numbers so consistently shows how great of a player he truly is.

Are The Bucks the Kings of the East?


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The Milwaukee Bucks have surpassed all expectations this season by obtaining the number one seed in the east at the moment. The Bucks not only have the best record in the East also have the best record in the NBA of 26 and 10 which isn’t surprising saying how they are being led by Giannis Antetokounmpo who has been leading the MVP race. The Bucks are in the hunt for a championship and I think they could win it this year as long as they continue to do what they are doing. I think the only main threat in the east right now is the Raptors who have a record of 28 and 12. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Are the Nuggets the best in the West?


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The Denver Nuggets have surprised us all by currently holding the number 1 seed in the west. This was extremely unexpected because they are in the same conference as the Warriors, Thunder, and Rockets mainly the Warriors the defending champs have had a bumpy start to this season for them and are looking to turn things around. Enough about the Warriors though the Nuggets who are being led by their star center Nikola Jokic who has been putting up impressive numbers has led his team to a 25 and 11 record and a 5 and 0 record in their division. If the Nuggets keep up with this pace they have a good chance of winning the championship but only time will tell. Thanks for reading and let me know if you think the Nuggets have a chance in the playoffs.