Saints vs Rams

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In the NFC Conference championship the Saints faced the Rams. This game was a nail bitter that ended with a game winning field goal in OT by Greg Zuerlein from fifty seven yards. This was a great game but there was a lot of controversy. With a little less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter the saints were on the thirteen yard line and looked like they were about to score. Drew Brees threw a pass to Tommylee Lewis and he was hit very early which resulted in a incomplete pass. On this play the refs missed two calls there was helmet to helmet on the hit and it was also pass interference this was a terrible call by the refs and everybody is talking about it. The NFL needs to do something about this because if he caught the ball they would have been close to the five yard line and would have most likely have scored a touchdown and wouldn’t have had to settle for a field goal. I feel that the Saints were robbed a chance of winning the super bowl. Let me know what you think do you think that the NFL should do something about this horrible call.

Saints vs Eagles recap

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On January 13th the Eagles faced the Saints in what happened to be a very close game. On the very first play of the game Drew Brees throws deep and is intercepted causing a turnover. With 10 minutes and 42 seconds left in the first quarter the Eagles scored first with a touchdown followed by and extra point. The Saints were stopped and were forced to punt and with 4 minutes and 37 seconds left the Eagles score now winning 14 – 0. At 7:23 on fourth down in the second quarter the saints scored their first touchdown. With 10 second left in the 2nd quarter the saints scored a field goal. At 1:40 in the 3rd quarter the Saints scored another touchdown and made the extra point to go up 14 – 17. At 10:30 in the 4th the Saints scored another field goal and go up 14 – 20. At 2 minutes in the 4th quarter a pass to Alshon Jeffery slipped through his hands and was intercepted and the Saints held on to win.

Will the Saints win the Super Bowl?

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The NFL playoff are very close and there is a lot of talk about who will go on to win the Super Bowl and the Saints are my personal favorites. The Saints have been playing incredible this year and after last year disappointing loss to the Vikings I think the saints are ready to win. They have the best record in the NFL of 13 and 3 they have been lead by their quarterback Drew Brees who is having another break out season. The team has what they need to win a Great offense and a very solid defense. I think this is the year for them to win and after last year I think they are mad and want to win but we can’t count out the other teams. Let me know who you think is going to win the Super Bowl