Bucks advance to the eastern conference finals!

Image result for giannis dunking on celtics

On Wednesday the Bucks defeated the Celtics 116 – 96 which put the series to 4 – 1 and cause the Bucks to advance to the Eastern conference finals. This is their first time making the conference finals since 2000. This series wasn’t even close the Celtics won the first game by a lot but after that have gotten blown out. Their star players were not performing well because of the great defense and offensive power of the Bucks personally I think that the Bucks will be going to the finals. They are great at home and almost always put up a tough fight at away games with the All star play from Chris Middleton and from Eric Bledsoe and the MVP level play from Giannis they have a very well rounded with great depth in their bench and starting line up. I am very excited to see what else these playoffs have to bring I am hoping to see a Bucks vs Rockets finals but only time will tell. Thanks for reading and who do you think is going to make it to the finals.

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