Bucks are about to bring out the brooms!

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The Bucks are up against the Pistons for what seems to be the last time for the season with the Bucks leading the series 3 – 0. This series is basically a bunch of scrimmages and highlights for the Bucks because the Bucks are such a better team than the pistons. My personal favorites to win the finals are by far the Bucks because of the MVP caliber play from Giannis and the all around depth on the Bucks roster. They have little to no weakness all their players can play defense and with the dominance of Giannis in the paint and close range all he has to do is drive in and dunk it or pass it out to one of the many shooters on the team. I think the Bucks are the team that will be able to dethrone the Warriors they are a very well rounded team and seem to not have a weakness and seem to have this series in the bag but only time will tell. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments.

One thought on “Bucks are about to bring out the brooms!

  1. Once Giannis becomes a great shooter, the league will be in trouble and Giannis will continue to dominate with years to come. I am excited for the Bucks.

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