NBA Playoffs are almost here!

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The regular season has come to an end with all the games finished we finally have our rankings. In the Western conference The Warriors are number 1 the Nuggets are 2 the Trailblazers are 3 and the Rockets are 4 these four teams are all great teams and any of them could beat the other. The Jazz are 5 Thunder are 6 even though the Thunder are a lower seed I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a deep playoff run. The Spurs are 7 and the Clippers are 8 the western conference is looking very strong this year and I think it could honestly be any team besides the Spurs and Clippers to win the Western conference finals. In the East the Bucks are number 1 with the best record in the league followed by the Raptors at 2 the 76ers are 3 the Celtics are 4 these four teams are all great teams and are the main contenders for the eastern conference. The pacers are 5 the Nets are 6 the Magic are 7 and the Pistons are 8 the eastern conference is definitely a smaller race for who could win the conference finals I think it will be between the Bucks Raptors and 76ers. The playoffs are so close and I can’t wait to watch personally I want the Bucks to win the Finals but as long as it’s not the Warriors I don’t really care who wins. Thanks for reading and let me know who you think will continue on in the playoffs.

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