Are the Warriors going to the championship again?

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After a rough start to the season for them at least the reigning champs seem to be back on track after all four out of five of the starters are all stars so it seems like they will be going again. They have been playing great basketball as of recent they currently are 41 and 16 with a 71.9 win percentage which is the 3rd best in the NBA and the best in the west. However even though they have been playing great basketball they wont get to the finals without a fight the Nuggets are also playing great with a 39 and 18 record this Nuggets team could be a serious problem for the Warriors come playoff time. The NBA personally has been pretty stale in the past few seasons with The Warriors and Cavs going against each other every year  but this season seems to be different the Cavs are the 3rd worst in the NBA at the moment. I am hoping that the finals will be different teams in both conferences but at the moment it seems like the Warriors are on path to go again.

Thanks for reading let me know what you think about their chances of making the finals.