Saints vs Rams

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In the NFC Conference championship the Saints faced the Rams. This game was a nail bitter that ended with a game winning field goal in OT by Greg Zuerlein from fifty seven yards. This was a great game but there was a lot of controversy. With a little less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter the saints were on the thirteen yard line and looked like they were about to score. Drew Brees threw a pass to Tommylee Lewis and he was hit very early which resulted in a incomplete pass. On this play the refs missed two calls there was helmet to helmet on the hit and it was also pass interference this was a terrible call by the refs and everybody is talking about it. The NFL needs to do something about this because if he caught the ball they would have been close to the five yard line and would have most likely have scored a touchdown and wouldn’t have had to settle for a field goal. I feel that the Saints were robbed a chance of winning the super bowl. Let me know what you think do you think that the NFL should do something about this horrible call.

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  1. That pass interference should have been called. The Superbowl would have been way more entertaining with the saints vs the patriors

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