13 Random Question Listicle

It’s AC again, back with another listicle on my blog. Today I used this Random Question Generator website, which gave me 13 questions that are, yes, random! Let’s start with the questions…

1) What song(s) do you secretly sing in the shower?

I don’t think it’s much of a secret to my family, because they can probably hear me, but I sing a lot of the songs from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. I know that sounds really weird, but they have some awesome songs in that movie. My favorites from the movie are “Brandy” by Looking Glass, “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac, and “Bring it on Home” by Sam Cooke.

2) What have you recently felt grateful for?

I’m very, very, VERY grateful for technology. In quarantine I use my computer and phone maybe a little too much, but it’s just because I’m communicating with friends. It keeps me occupied for most of the day, and I don’t know what I would do without it.

3) What is your biggest regret from the last month?

I can’t control the Coronavirus, but I wish that I had one last day to speak to all my friends and teachers in person. I wish that I could’ve told every one of my teachers how much they meant to me. With my friends, I wish we had a “last hoorah” celebration. Again, I shouldn’t be regretful about this, but I just miss everyone so much.

4) Are you currently where you want to be in life?

I mean, I’m only 14 years old, so yes I think that I’m in a great place in life! It’s annoying being inside my home everyday, so I wish I could change that, but life before quarantine was great and I wouldn’t change a thing.

5) What do you think the worst thing about being famous would be?

I think the worst thing about being famous would be followed around by paparazzis and creepy fans all the time. It would be scary for me to accept that I’m going to have people obsessed over me, and that I won’t have a normal life. Being famous definitely has its perks, too!

6) What is it that motivates you the most?

My family and friends motivate me the most. They fuel me with kind words and give me a good example to live by. If I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I’ve accomplished. 🙂

7) What’s your favorite form of entertainment?

I love Tik Tok and social media in general. I could scroll on my for you page on Tik Tok for hours. I know, not the best habit, but do what makes you happy, right?

8) Do you have a recurring dream?

Goodness, in quarantine I’ve had some bizarre and vivid dreams. It’s like the people who are in them are right there with me. A little creepy! A reoccurring dream that I’ve had is going to high school. It makes me happy when I have that dream because all I want right now is to be back to school and live my “normal” life before COVID.

9) What’s the worst accident you’ve ever had?

The day before 1st grade I went bike riding with my mom and brother, who was only three years old at the time, and crashed. I was riding with training wheels still, and they were not the most stable. *Warning gory imagery ahead.* I somehow split open my thigh and it started gushing blood. My mom was freaking out and we rushed to the hospital because the cut was that deep. I got stitches and I went to school the next day! At least I have a gnarly scar now!

10) What’s the best part of rain?

My favorite part of rain is that you have an excuse to chill out and watch a movie or do something lazy that you enjoy. You can hear the rain dropping on your roof and sometimes the thunder that comes with it. I love how relaxing it is.

11) What is something that you don’t mind waiting for?

I probably sound so bipolar right now because I complain about being quarantined so much, but I honestly don’t mind waiting for the end of all of this. I just want to know a specific date when I know I can see my friends again and do other things besides staying in the house. Of course this pandemic is unpredictable, but if I have to wait and have a certain outcome of seeing my friends soon, I’ll do it.

12) What’s something you find attractive that others might not?

I think eyes are really attractive. I guess it’s because when you talk to someone you look them in the eyes. You can usually tell how someone feels in their eyes too. This is common, but a good sense of humor and being sometimes sarcastic is attractive to me too.

13) Is there a personality trait you’d like to adapt from one of your friends?

Yes, from my best friend Mariam. If I could take anything from her awesome personality, it would be how creative she is. She comes up with school project ideas and stories on a whim, and I don’t know how she does it. It always ends up great, and I admire that about her. Mariam, I hope you’re reading this right now. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my 13 question listicle answering some random questions. Go check out this website and answer some questions yourself. As always, keep it cool and comment down below! Don’t forget your blog URL.


Anna Claire

QuaranTEENing: School Before & After COVID-19

As everyone knows, schools all around the world have had to change their ways of teaching. Technology has been a saving grace in this weird time! We still have Google Classroom, Edmentum, and Google Meets to submit assignments and communicate with our teachers and classmates. Of course, it’s not the same. Not even close, actually. 

School before all of this went down was stressful, but fun. We were preparing for our writing SOLs, which we had right before school closed down for the rest of the year, and reviewing content for our other subject SOLs. We were looking forward to the upcoming spring break and exclusive 8th grade activities coming soon. We had just had our 8th grade winter-formal dance, which was one of the best nights of our teen lives! I’m so glad that we could have that last fun time all together before we had to say goodbye till the next school year. The news of the Coronavirus was up in the air, but we had no idea that it would end the year in a matter of just a few days. March 11th was our last day of real school for a while, and no one knew it until the next morning.

As an 8th grader, this time is disappointing for me. I’m going to be in high school next year, and I can’t experience my last day of 8th grade hugging teachers, signing yearbooks, cleaning out lockers, and even bawling with my friends. I’ve been looking forward to the last day of 8th grade for a few years, but now it’s not going to happen. :’( Online school could be way worse, but it’s still overwhelming and complicated. It’s not even comparable to being a real student at a real school. I can’t see my friends, talk with my teachers, and learn in a classroom environment. 

Despite all the weirdness and uncertainty happening in our nation right now, I’m grateful to have good health, food, a home, and technology during this time. It’s hard to keep your head up right now, I know. I sometimes overthink all of this, which doesn’t do any good for me. Find something that you are looking forward to in the near future. This will all be over soon. We just need to be patient and social distance so that we can go back to normalcy. Thank you for reading this post! It’s not the brightest post of mine, but I know it’s relatable to a lot of people. Just know that you’re not alone at this time! Everyone is confused, worried, sad, and unmotivated. Comment down below how you feel during this pandemic. As always, keep it cool and comment your blog URL, too! 


-Anna Claire

QuaranTEENing: 3 Things That Have Helped Me

What a weird time in our history right now! Stores are jam-packed, schools are closed, students are stressed, teachers are worried, and government officials are making critical decisions. It’s a chaotic time right now, and it’s easy for your mental health to worsen over the course of quarantine from the news. Today let’s bring some brightness to the subject and talk about the things that make you happy during quarantine. Today I’ll share 3 things that have helped me through being isolated with my friends and loved ones. Remember, “this too shall pass.”

1. Texting and FaceTime

Thank goodness for technology, am I right? Of course I love my phone, especially since I’m a teen, but right now I appreciate it more than ever. I can text my friends and call them to see what they’re up to. It’s good to hear their voices since I miss them so much. I miss laughing and joking around with them at school. It isn’t the same FaceTiming them, but we still manage to have a great time! 

2. Running

This time last year I got into running. I don’t run everyday, unless I’m feeling special, but I always get some sort of exercise in. I’m trying out this ab workout thing that lasts for 2 weeks just to see how I like it. So far, I am very sore and a little stiff (in a good way). Exercising is super valuable during this time. It clears your head, increases productivity, and keeps you in shape. 

3. Music 

Music has changed the game for me in quarantine. I’ve always been a music lover, but during this unexpected break, I’ve become even more of a fan. My friends have recommended some new albums, artists, and songs. I updated my playlist based on their suggestions and just exploring new singers. Who doesn’t appreciate a little change in their playlist? My favorite artists at the moment are The Weeknd, Harry Styles, Tame Impala, Post Malone, Khalid, and Bazzi. Here’s a sneak peak of my favorite song playlist at the moment…

My encouragement to everyone is to stay positive. It’s so hard to, I know, but we have to do it! If not, quarantine is going to be ten times worse. Try to make the best out of it. Spend time with your family, exercise, keep in touch with your friends, and look forward to the fun times to come. I’ll see you soon with another blog post! Remember to keep it cool and comment below with your blog URL. 

-Anna Claire

All About Anna Claire (Pt. 2)

Hey guys! Long time, no see. I am currently stuck in my house with my family, just like everyone else. I’ve been keeping busy by writing and completing assignments, watching Netflix, scrolling through Tik Tok, playing Game Pigeon with friends, and running outside. Times are weird right now, but I’m trying to get the best of it. Last year I made a static All About Me page on my blog. I liked how the page was formatted like a listicle and was very descriptive. Still, I want something with a little more pizazz. I figured that I would keep both of them up, but post an All About Me poem alongside the listicle. Here is part two of my All About Me!

Anna Claire

A 14-year-old trying to figure everything out.

A lover of family, school, writing, and running.

An ambivert who enjoys both socializing with friends, but also having time to herself.

An adventure seeker and future world traveller.

Has hopes of living in New York City someday.

Sometimes a perfectionist and always a hard worker.

Keeps Khalid’s “American Teen” album on repeat.

Nicknamed “AC”, or even “Air Conditioning”, as a joke from her friends.

Looks forward to high school football games and joining Cross Country.

A teen who is excited to live her life and make her dreams come true.

Thank you for reading this blog post! I hope everyone is staying safe and quarantined in their houses. Remember to wash your hands frequently and social distance! FaceTime and call your friends and family to check on them. Remember to keep it cool and comment with your blog URL! 

Anna Claire


9 Lessons I’ve Learned in Middle School

Wow, guys! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written on the ~blogosphere~. Luckily, I have a lovely listicle for you today. This listicle features all the lessons and things I learned throughout middle school. The change and maturity that has happened through these past three years is crazy. Let’s just say I had a glow up too. Enough with the nostalgic middle school talk, let’s get onto all the lessons I learned from the past three years!

1) Study skills

In middle school, I learned how to study for tests effectively. In elementary school, all I really had to do was look at my study guide and memorize it. In middle school, I learned how to make flashcards, have study seshs with friends, and how to use study websites. Thank you Quizlet for helping me with studying for Spanish and Civics.

2) Communication with others is key

Over the past three years, I’ve learned how to communicate and talk with others. You’re held with more responsibilities in middle school, which means you have to communicate with your teachers and peers. I write many emails a day to my teachers asking about assignments, and I email my friends about funny things that happen throughout the day. 

3) Socialize and be friends with everyone

Be kind. Be nice. It’s not that terrible. Talk to people that you wouldn’t talk to. Don’t just stick to your same ol’ friend group. Step out of your comfort zone and make new friends!

4) Step out of your comfort zone

Just like I said previously, step out of your comfort zone. Sign up for a foreign language, take an honors class, go the extra mile! It will all be worth it in the end. I know that in middle school, especially this year in eighth grade, I’ve stepped out of my safe haven, and I don’t regret a thing. 

5) Time management

Time management (and I cannot stress this enough) is BY FAR the most important thing in middle school. I have a busy schedule with basketball practice, piano, NJHS, Sources of Strength, etc. I have to use time management skills to complete my homework and study. Of course everyone needs time for him/ herself, so make sure you set a time of the day when you can do something you enjoy.

6) Handling stress

Middle school is stressful. Especially going into middle school when you’re coming in from elementary school. Tests get harder, teachers expect more, and you have more assignments. That’s why it’s good to find a way you can de-stress. For me, I like running to relieve my stress. Watching “The Vampire Diaries” is a pretty good one too. 

7) Keeping a happy outlook

It can be really hard at times, but try to think on the positive side of things. I find myself very sad and down if I think of all the things that I have to accomplish and are making me sad. Try to set goals and do something that makes you happy. 

8) Be friends with your teachers 

Teachers can be mean at first, but most of them come around and will be your besties. In sixth grade, I was almost scared of my teachers! Seventh and eighth I started being more social with them and finding things we have in common with each other. 

9) Set priorities

Set goals that are reasonable and achievable for you. Prioritize your goals and what you need to do, so that you don’t become stressed to the max. I know it’s hard sometimes to know what you need to get done right away, but my advice is to get the hardest task done first. 

I hope everyone learned something from this blog post! In the comments below, comment one thing you have learned in middle school and how it impacted you. By the way, my class and I have signed up for the Spring Student Blogging Challenge! This means I’ll be publishing more blog posts. Let me know what you would like to see on my blog. Thank you to all my readers! Remember to keep it cool. 


Anna Claire


First Blog Post of 2020: Compare & Contrast

Hello everyone and happy 2020! Sadly, break is over and we are back to the grind at school. On a brighter note, we spent the majority of class this morning interviewing one another. I already knew a lot about my classmates from communications, but this activity has definitely helped me learn and deepened my knowledge about them and their lives. 

A big trend that I found while interviewing my class was that almost everyone has at least one sibling, with the exception of Brie, who has eight siblings and Risad, who is an only child.  A lot of my classmates enjoy writing in their free time and enjoy drawing. Zoran likes to play games, Emma G. likes to make memes, and Abby and Melia like to play on their phones. Our class also includes a few athletes! Brie is a soccer player, Melia is in the color guard, Abby does cheerleading, Emma is a dancer, Makayla is a swimmer, and I play basketball. The most favorited color in my class is blue. There is a variety of favorite types of music in our class. Makayla likes heavy metal/ rock, Abby likes rap music, Kylie and Emma like theater music, and Melia doesn’t’ have a favorite, she enjoys listening to all genres. Not going to lie, my heart shattered a little when no one said country was their favorite :’(.  *Drumroll please*, the thing we have all been waiting for, the most favorited and loved meme of this decade according to my communications class was the Area 51 Raid

All of us in communications are very similar, but we also have our differences and varied preferences. One thing is for sure, we’re all gifted writers and have an ability to be very creative and problem solving. I liked this “speed-dating” activity. It helped me know my communications friends way better and I feel like I’m closer to them now. Until next time, peeps! Like always, comment on this post to give me feedback on what I should post about next, or what you think I could improve on! See you in another blog post coming soon! 


-Anna Claire

Student Blogging Challenge #6


Hey friends! I’m back from my Thanksgiving and blogging break! This week I am going to write the Emoji blog post that my class and I missed during week 6 of the SBC. Since Christmas is near, holiday music is playing constantly, and everyone is making their Christmas wish lists, I figured that I would write a short story about my family on Christmas morning! To make it ~emoji themed~, I am going to paste my story into an Emoji Translator site to replace some of the words to emojis. Try and guess the emojis that took place of the words, and comment down below if the story made sense to you! 

“ANNA CLAIRE!! WAKE ⬆️!!” yelled Bishop excitedly. “I’m coming, I’m coming! Give me a sec!”, 💬 Anna Claire stumbling out of 🛏️. Bishop had woken the whole 🏘️ ⬆️ with his excitement and joy for the 🧸 and 🎁 that were ⬇️ the stairs. After the hesitation of staying in 🛌🏻 and 😴 more, Anna Claire finally got out of her warm 🛏️ and fixed her messy hair . Anna Claire and Bishop quickly hurried ⬇️ stairs awaiting their 🎁 from St. Nick. 🎅🏻 had left his trail with half-🍽️ sugar 🍪 and an empty 🥛. The siblings, along with their cousins, Rivers and Hank, inspected their 🎁 and 🍽️ 🍬 from their stockings, spoiling their delicious Christmas 🌄 breakfast. Glimmering ornaments and 💡 from the 🎄, the aroma of breakfast casserole, and blueberry muffins, and the surroundings of 👪️ set the jolly and festive Christmas mood. The song is true. It is the most wonderful ⏱️ of the year!

Hope you all enjoyed my story! I definitely recommend trying the Emoji Translator sometime! It was fun and easy to use, and something that I’ve never seen before. Comment down below one of your family traditions for Christmas or any holiday that you celebrate this time of the year. Wishing everyone has a holly, jolly Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Until next year, bloggers! 


Anna Claire

P.S. only 8 days til Christmas!!

Student Blogging Challenge #8

T-minus two days until Thanksgiving! Soon I’ll be riding in the car going to South Carolina!! I know for one thing I will be eating lots of pumpkin pie! So excited for Thursday! On a less happy note, this is the last week of the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge and this is the last post to write :(. This last post is a reflection of what being a student blogger is like and what I enjoyed and liked about this challenge. I’ll be answering a few questions, sort of like a Q&A!

1. How many posts did you write and publish during the SBC? In your opinion, which post demonstrates your best writing?

I wrote 7 blog posts (including this one) in the Student Blogging Challenge. My class and I skipped week 7 of the SBC because we had so much stuff going on in communications! In my opinion, my best writing was put into my SBC #3 post where I made a free-verse poem about fall. I think that I used strong vocabulary in my poem and created good imagery to the viewer.

2.  Which SBC challenge was your favorite and why?

My favorite post that I wrote was probably my music post because I loved talking about all the memories and attachments I have with the songs of my life. A close second would probably be the Holiday and Festivities post where I wrote about Thanksgiving!  I think that the Music and Holidays posts were the most enjoyable and interesting to write. I also liked the “5 Tips to Leave a Quality Comment” because it was different and very informative to the people who view my blog. Making the infographic for this post was fun, too!

3. How many comments did you receive overall? Which post received the most comments? Why is commenting important to student bloggers?

I received a total 22 comments from other bloggers around the world in the Student Blogging Challenge. I have a little more if I include my “A-Z About My Name” and “All About Anna Claire” posts. I received 15 comments from my music post, which is the most I’ve ever gotten for the Student Blogging Challenge. Commenting is very important in blogging because it lets bloggers know that their posts are appreciated and looked at from other people from all over the globe. They also provide suggestions, constructive criticism, and praise for a blogger. Also, if you leave comments on someone’s blog, chances are that you will get a reply back and a visit from the blog you commented on!

4. What new web tools did you discover during the challenge? What new skills have you learned through blogging?

I learned how to make a collage from https://www.befunky.com/, find royalty-free images from a variety of websites, make an infographic on https://venngage.com/, create a Google Form, and I learned how to insert embed codes into my posts. Whenever my class and I were doing the SBC Week 1 task, we were required to make a Google Slides presentation on how we to make avatars and how we customize them to make them look like us. I inserted the slides into my blog post by putting in an embed code that I found on the Google Slides presentation. Before I started my blog, I had no idea about how any of these web tools worked. Now that I am a ~blogger~, I know how to create many things that can be found on my computer. Just like a lot of things, it’s not as complicated as it seems!

I also learned that writing blog posts and blogging in general takes a lot of time and effort. During this blogging challenge, every week we had something we had to complete, so it was sometimes overwhelming and stressful to make sure I got it in on time. Despite all of this, the SBC was so fun and a great start for a new blogger like me!

5. What are your plans for your future blogging?

 Some plans that I have for my blog in the future are writing about things I hope to do in the future, events I’m looking forward to, lessons I learned in middle school, book reviews, and much more! I’m excited for what topics I will be writing about in my blog soon! I think that my class and I are also going to be doing the next Student Blogging Challenge in March of 2020. 

It’s crazy to think that this is last week of the Student Blogging Challenge! These past few weeks have flown by so fast. Thanks to everyone who has commented and viewed my blog weekly for the new posts. If you participated in the SBC with me, what has been your favorite part about it? If you’re not a blogger, tell me if you would ever start a blog of your own. Like I’ve said a million times before, leave your blog URL so that I can see yours too. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, fun, and food! Bye!


Anna Claire


E X T R A  R E S O U R C E S // L I N K S

How to make a collage (pictured above)- https://www.befunky.com/

Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge website- https://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/


Student Blogging Challenge #7

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving everybody! I’m looking forward to all the fun festivities coming up! This time of year is my favorite because Thanksgiving and Christmas are my most treasured holidays. Along with all the fun holidays, my 14th birthday is coming up! I thought that since Thanksgiving is coming up in just over a week, I should write about it and talk about the traditions that my family has. I’m really excited for this Student Blogging Challenge post! It’s making me feel so happy and festive!

I am usually with my dad and his side of my family during Thanksgiving break. We stay at my grandma’s house, who I call Ma Ma, which is in Chesterfield, SC. After school on the last day before Thanksgiving break starts, my Dad, my brother and I all get in our car and travel to South Carolina. It’s a pretty long ride, about eight hours away, but it’s all worth it in the end. It’s around twelve A.M. when we arrive at her house, so we go to sleep and wake up late the next morning. The day before Thanksgiving is really fun and exciting because we start to prepare all the delicious food! I go the Piggly Wiggly with my family, which is the closest grocery store where my grandma lives, and we scan every aisle to get all the ingredients for our big Thanksgiving meal. We take all the loads of groceries to the house and start preparing some of the feast. We assemble this dish called tomato pie, which sounds really strange but is absolutely delicious. The closest thing I can compare it to is pizza. Even though it’s a pie, it’s a savory dish. I peel and cut the tomatoes and let them dry out for the pie we will make the next day. We season the turkey, shred cheese for macaroni and cheese, and cut vegetables. The rest of the food is prepared the morning of Thanksgiving. 

A couple years ago, my dad, stepmom, stepsister, and more family friends started doing a “Turkey Trot” race. My stepsister, Grace, and I catch up with each others’ lives. I treasure that time I spend with her since I don’t get to see her that often. Grace is a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill. After we’re done with the race, we go back home, shower, and prepare the rest of the food. Every year is a little different, but last year my family and I went to my stepmom’s best friend’s house and had our Thanksgiving dinner there. This year we are planning on staying at my grandma’s house and eating there. My uncle and aunt who live in Columbia, SC, and  sometimes come to my grandmas house and eat with us. We all feast and eat plenty of food and talk around the dinner table. Sometimes my family and I go to my grandma’s barn land after we eat our Thanksgiving dinner. We roast marshmallows, hang out by the campfire, and sometimes ride in our golf cart. 

 I love Thanksgiving because it’s a time when we can all reflect and be grateful for everything in our lives. I’m grateful for my amazing family, friends, wonderful teachers, an education, food, a roof over my head, and a wonderful country to live in. At times I only focus on the things that I don’t have or want, but this time of the year I feel that I’m more thankful and grateful for all the many things I am privileged to have.

Thank you all for reading this festive Thanksgiving blog post! Look out for a Christmas post soon! I love this time of year and all the holidays that are near. In the comments below, tell me what your favorite holiday is and why. Also, what foods do you eat on that holiday? For Thanksgiving, my family and I eat a lot of southern comfort food like macaroni and cheese, turkey and dressing, broccoli casserole, collard greens, and sweet potato pie. See you next time, happy holidays!


Anna Claire


E X T R A  R E S O U R C E S // L I N K S

Recipe for tomato pie- https://thestayathomechef.com/savory-southern-tomato-pie/

Link to make collage (pictured at top of page)- https://www.befunky.com/

Student Blogging Challenge #5

Hey y’all! For this weekly blog post for the Student Blogging Challenge, I made a playlist of my life. This playlist includes music that is important to me and songs that I listen or listened to when I was younger. From the 50s to early 2000s, all this music is part of me! After you read through my playlist, please click on this Google Form answer what your favorite genre of music is and what your favorite song is! My favorite genre is pop and my favorite song would have to be “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift.

1. “Que Sera Sera” by Doris Day (1956)

When I was younger and visited my Nana in South Carolina, she would tuck me in before bed and sing this to me. Even though I’m 13, almost 14, she sometimes still does sing “Que Sera Sera” to me!  Everytime I hear this song, all I think about is her. Some may know this song as the movie “Heathers” theme song. Que Sera Sera means “whatever will be, will be”, which I think is a great message and the key to life. 

2. “Piano Man” by Billy Joel (1973)

I played “Piano Man” by Billy Joel at one of my piano recitals a few years ago. Billy Joel is a great songwriter and pianist. I think that every pianist or musician knows who he is! This song has great lyrics and tells a story. He has other spectacular songs like “Uptown Girl”, “The Longest Time”, and “A Matter of Trust”. What I like about his songs are that everyone of them is different and unique in their own way, it just depends what mood you’re in. 

3. “Jolene” by Dolly Parton (1974)

This song makes me think of a lot of things. It makes me think of my best friend, Sammi. Sammi and I would listen to this song and sing it together. I know it may be weird, since this song isn’t particularly current, but we love this song. Sammi and I went to a Dolly Parton concert at the same time without even knowing it! I would say that Sammi and I are true Dolly fans. Now that Sammi is living in Bedford, VA, I miss her a lot! This song definitely reminds me of her and our sleepovers. Dolly Parton is also an inspiration. Dolly was very poor when she was growing up and didn’t have much. She went out on her own and pursued a music career which took a lot of perseverance and patience. Dolly is a prime example that hard work pays off!

4. “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey (1981)

Whenever I would go to the Girl Scout Father Daughter dance with my dad this would be the last song to play. At the dance my dad and I, along with the other pairs of dads and daughters, would slow dance to this song. I would always look forward to this night in May because it was a “date night” with just me and my dad. It’s cool to me how my dad, who grew up in the 80s, and me, who grew up in the 2000s, both know this song well! I like how this song tells a story and spreads the message to never give up and to carry on.

5. “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band (2008)

My parents and family were born and raised in South Carolina, so we appreciate some good country music. This song is one of my mom’s favorites. It’s played when my family and I go to the beach around Independence Day. My mom and I know all the lyrics by heart! The “Chicken Fried” lyrics show that the little things in life mean the most. It also spreads the word to be grateful and thankful for all the things you have. “Chicken Fried” makes me think of my mom, the beach, and the things I’m most grateful for in life.

6. “Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna (2008)

Rihanna is just a queen in general, but this song is so good. I think the first time I heard this song was when I was in the third grade and it came on the radio in my dad’s car. It has a good beat and everytime I hear it I get a rush of confidence. I don’t know how to explain it without you hearing it, I guess! “Don’t Stop the Music” is on my running playlist, and it always keeps me going and motivated. 

7. “Firework” by Katy Perry (2010)

Katy Perry’s songs in general are SO good. Not to brag, but I think I was her biggest fan when I was five. My mom, brother, and I would jam to think song and have a dance party while screaming the lyrics. “Firework” also reminds me of playing “Just Dance” with my brother, Bishop, because it was one of the main songs we would dance to. 

8. “Cough Syrup” by Young The Giant (2010)

I really like the song Cough Syrup because it reminds me of when my brother, dad, and I would ride our scooters in Herndon. My dad used to live there and almost every time we were together we went scooter riding or rode our bikes around town. This was one of the songs that we would play a lot while riding scooters or bikes. A few days ago I heard it again on the radio and it took me back! I love how songs can do that!

9. “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele (2011)

I think that Adele has a beautiful and powerful voice. This is probably my favorite song from all her albums, but I also like “Someone Like You” and “Send My Love”. You can tell that Adele puts lots of thought and time into her songs. Even though I have never gone through a breakup, you can hear the realness and pain in her voice. I think she does a great job with her emotions in her songs. I hope that sometime soon she’ll release a new album because it’s been way too long! 😉

10. “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson (2011)

The song “Stronger” is probably my favorite from Kelly Clarkson’s songs. I think she’s a really great singer and a great person. “Stronger” has great lyrics and a good meaning. One time I was going to see her in concert, but sadly she had something else come up. I love her being a judge on “The Voice”. I hope that one day I can see her in concert or even meet her!

11. “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift (2014)

This is my all-time-favorite Taylor Swift song. No offense to her, but I think that her older songs were way better than her newer songs. “Blank Space” was my favorite song for a long time, and it’s still one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure all my friends and I memorized this song and all her other “oldies” too!

12. “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish (2017)

What playlist wouldn’t be complete without Billie Eilish? I guess putting one of her songs on my playlist makes me ~emo~. Just kidding. I just like the beat of this song. “Bellyache” has lots of beat drops and incorporates tech/electronic music into her angelic and beautiful voice. I think that Billie is extremely talented, especially for being so young. All her songs are like poems but put into music form.

13. “Sunday Best” by Surfaces (2019)

I like the lyrics and the rhythm of this song a lot. It reminds me of the 8th grade Newseum trip because my BFF, Mariam, and I listened to it on the bus going there. The first time I heard it was in a YouTuber named Hannah Meloche’s video. “Sunday Best” lyrics naturally just make you want to dance and be happy. I love songs like that :).

Well, this concludes my long list of great songs that I love! Like I said in the intro, fill out this Google Form I made to answer a few music questions for YOU! Thanks for commenting and sharing with others. Hope everyone has a great week!


Anna Claire