January 29

New Genre


When I found out that we were going to change the audience. I wanted to go straight the person my problem effects. The patients in the health field. With 90% of a nurses job is taking care of patients. I wanted to let them know how all this stress that nurses face, affect them because it’s only right. If I can enlighten the patients on the things that the nurses have to deal with. Then some action could actually finally be taking to see some changes. Since we had to change the audience. I thought it would be a good idea to make a brochure. I mean that’s what you see at doctors offices and clinics. I was thinking since it was familiar to patients anyway they would be more intrigued to look at it. However, I never used pages before, so it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done.


October 31

Doctor S

Dr. Sam Gantman was hoping for a nice and peaceful night. He is doing a 12 hour shift today and only has 3 hours left. So far nothing terrible has come in. It has been a relatively slow night. Of course that would not last though. An hour later a boy was rushed to the hospital by his brother Keithen. He was shot. Dr. Gantman rushed to scrub in so they could get the surgery started as soon as possible. Mason, the gun shot victim, was patched up and going to be fine. The boys’ parents go to the hospital soon after the surgery was done. 

Dr. Gantman was finally done for the night. He went home and passed out in bed. He was off the next day, so he decided to go visit his friend Evan. Evan lives in Washington also and he owns his own million dollar company. He was driving to Evan’s house when a truck t boned a sidan. Sam jumped out of his car and rushed to help. The truck was fine, but the sidan had rolled several times and was now laying on his roof. As he got to the car he thought to himself “I guess they were right doctors never get a day off.”

There were two people in the car and they both seemed to be relatively okay. 

October 31

Syracuse Weekend

October the 18th was a long awaited day for me. I finally was able to see two of my friends from high school, who graduated last year and went to college.


The day I found out that I was going to see them, I was elated with joy. I haven’t seen them since August, which I know isn’t a long time, but I used to spend everyday with them. So it has been really hard, going day to day without seeing them. This weekend wasn’t only a means of entertainment and joy, but also an educational purpose. While at Syracuse it was parents weekend, so we went to many events. Which lead me to apply.


One of the events we went to was for alum and family. This event really pushed me to apply to Syracuse. This lady went up and talked about her experience at Syracuse and how amazing it was. She gave vivid memories of her time at Syracuse. The lady has two kids, when it was her son senior year of high school she would. Bring her family here every weekend, so he would change his mind and actually apply, and she did the same thing to her daughter the next year. They both ended up going to Syracuse, and wouldn’t picture going anywhere else. They really love it. Now they want their future kids to go here. This showed me that school is so amazing that a whole family went here, and wants to make this a family tradition for years to come.

September 30

High School Artifact

When I found out that we had to bring an artifact to class from high school; I thought long and hard. There are many things I could have brought like: my backpack, my headphones, or my favourite shoes. However, I brought a picture of my friends and me from powderpuff on October 3, 2018. That night was amazing. It was fun to go head to head with my friends, me being a junior and them seniors. This picture means a lot to me because it represents the great year that followed. This game was a catalyst to an amazing year with my friends before they went off to college. There are seven of us in the picture: me in front, Sydney to the right of me, Fae is behind me, next to Fae is Marrissa, Dal, Nilah, and Emma. This picture is only one of many great things that happened last year. I was very sad when all my friends left, but everyone has to leave soon and go on with their lives. Also, it’s a plus for me because I can go visit them.


Yes it has been hard for me this school year. I went from having tons of people to talk to and hang out with, to only having a few close peers. This time apart is going to be good for us all. It will allow each of us to grow as individuals and have our own identity. This time is going to challenge our friendship; to see if it can withstand the distance and troubles that come with. Although, I’m not worried about it because we’re tight like glue.

September 30


Before reading “Your College Essay Isn’t a Selfie” I strongly believed in the need for perfection. In today’s society there is a stigma that every aspect of your life has to be perfect your job, grades, cars, and etc.


There is this huge pressure that is constantly shoved down everyone’s  throat that they have to always be better than the person before them, and always be number one in everything that they do.


 Vulnerability is something that people are very scared of. However, they shouldn’t be, being vulnerable can help you in many ways like: if you’re vulnerable in a college essay it gives them a deeper side of you that they wouldn’t get from your grades, or in a job interview it could so your future boss or cougleesu how strong of a person you are and how passionate you’re about they things you cherish.


I believe being vulnerable can be good and bad.


Being vulnerable can be good because it gives people the chance to walk in your shoes and see what your life is really about. Also, it shows how strong you are, or helps people to understand what you learned from a situation and how you can be a guide for someone who may go through what you went through.


Being vulnerable can be bad because it can give people ammunition to use against you. You have to make sure that you’re being vulnerable for the right reasons and in the right situations and not always being vulnerable.


September 10

Meaning of Colors

Color is a form of communication; however, that form of communication is non-verbal. For example the color yellow can mean happiness because of the sun and the joy that it brings to people, or it could mean criticism the color yellow makes you more analytical and self critical to both others and yourself. 

Colors can give a lot of information. They can tell about emotions. If someone is said to be “blue,” then it means they are sad. The color red is associated with being upset or angry. They can tell you when it’s safe to go, green, or to slow down, yellow, or even stop, red. Like I said earlier colors can tell you many things.

My favorite color is blue, so whenever I see anything blue I want it and I have to have it. I will buy almost anything in that color. I’m extremely crazy over the color blue I want blue candy, blue shoes, and even a blue phone. The meanings of the color blue are loyalty, wisdom, and confidence. I believe that I have each of those traits.

Colors can be associated with foods. A lot of little kids refuse to eat anything green. They remember tasting something disgusting, most time vegetables and then they associate this disgustment with any food that is the color green. Most times this leads to kids refusing to eat any green vegetables or drink anything that is green. They prefer brighter colored food because it reminds them of candy.