Athletic Training in Different Workplaces.

I choose to do a brochure due to the fact it can be very colorful, and as well as it can be read on paper. You can print out an genre choices we had for the most part but since, video was involved in the rest you might miss information if it is not done online. With a brochure my audience can have a tangible copy, easy to reprint, and share with others no matter if they have wifi or not. As i was producing my brochure I wanted to make sure it was eye catching, colorful, and easy to read. I used a column format, and lots of colors to bring my brochure to someone’s attention. In order to make it more persuasive so it would catch readers attention and make them consider  my suggestion I had to change my wording to persuade them, as well as take out most bts about every little thing an athletic trainer does. I used mostly statistics, and lots of benefits. I want these businesses to know how much improvement comes from an onsite AT. Knowing that persuasion would be a big factor in my genre choice, I felt a brochure would be perfect, it is the kinda thing other places can hand out, or have lying around, allowing someone’s eye to catch it. As well as give out multiple amounts of it.

Finally Over

Just last night I finished up my college applications. I woke up this morning feeling a weight lift off my chest. No longer would I have to be worried about  deadline to get into my dream school, an essay that could make or break my application, or finding ways to show I was an individual that can enrich the community and learning of the college I am applying too. However, now rather than the weight of my applications weighing me down with stress, my anxiety is on high waiting for my answer.

I tend to be an overthinker. I find myself only one day since I sent my applications in already worrying will I get in. I thought my senior year was supposed to be carefree, and fun. Not stress to get applications done followed by anxiety waiting to know if I got in or not. All I’ve wanted to do since school has started is do the fun things seniors get to do, but in reality those don’t come for so long. All the classes I am taking do not help at all. I find myself sleepless trying to get all my work done.

I don’t want high school to end and leave all my friends, but I am ready for a much more manageable schedule, and a more independent life. If I can just make it to February first i think i will survive. I just hope the anxiety does not overtake me. I am thankful for all the memories I can make this year while I await my answer.

Family views

A huge part in the planning for college is the financial aspect. I am applying to all out of state schools, so I already know college is going to be very expensive, most scholarships haven’t opened up yet, and unfortunately financial aid is not going to be much or none at all.  So it’s important for me to find as much money a possible for college.

A few years ago I went to a volleyball leadership camp run by the Marine Corps. It’s one of my favorite memories. I was awarded a leadership award, and learned valuable lessons on how to be a leader, an what leader looks like. After, that day I found a new passion for military. It’s been something I’ve looked into as a part of my future. That’s how ROTC came into play as I was thinking about college. On most of my college visits I did, or tried to meet with Army ROTC recruiters. Through that I found that army ROTC I can register as a guardsman for the National Guard, and after college have a citizen job, as well as serve in the National Guard. It felt as everything had a lined perfectly for me. I was gonna get to go to my dream college, do my dream career, and give back to not just my country but my community, as well. I was even more excited about college than I already was. My parents supporting me the whole way made me feel unstoppable. I felt that way till i brought my plans of ROTC and service up to my grandparents.

My grandpa was drafted for the vietnam war, his experience was not fun, and was not his choice. When i told him and my grandma they were very against it. They were very worried about me being sent straight onto the battlefield. While, I appreciated there love and thought in wanting to keep me safe, it felt as though I was disappointing them. That me doing ROTC, and going into the National Guard was not ok. My grandparents opposing opinion of ROTC left me feeling unsupported by two of the people who I thought would support me through everything. As my parents, and I talked to them more and more about it, they calmed down a lot. They came around , and are giving me support on my adult decision. My other grandmother recently found out this information. She was up in arms about it. She was about to fly up here from Texas, to sit me down and try and talk me out of it. Thankfully my dad stopped her in her tracs, and told her it wasn’t her choice, but mine and she had to support me.

My grandparents are very important to me. When, I found out that they weren’t really happy with my choice to do ROTC I was hurt. However, I know that sometimes families don’t see eye to eye, yet they still love and support each other. I know my grandparents still love, and support me even if they wish with all their hearts I wasn’t doing ROTC.

Superior Starbursts

The juicy explosion a starburst makes in any mouth salivate. It’s different fruit flavors, provides a variety of tastes that everyone loves. No one wants to look at the at a boring piece of brown chocolate, when they can look at a vibrant starburst the eyes are mesmerized. Chocolate is smooth, but melts so fast. Starbursts give you plenty of time to chew and enjoy all the candy has to offer. Who wants a metallic wrapping that tends to leave a metal taste on the chocolate. Starbursts plastic wrapping allows for an easy removal with no modifications to the candy.

Watching commercials for starburst are like little action movies, just as the flavors they release i like an action movie for your mouth. So fun to watch even if it is 60 seconds or less. Chocolate commercials never catch attention. Always so slow, and boring. Hershey Kisses as bells for christmas how “original.” Most of the time I can’t wait for the commercial to be over. Starburst are loved by all ages, I’ve never heard  six year old say can I have a Hershey Kiss. Even adults like starbursts. They are even made in tiny square pieces now. At Halloween starbursts are a prime trading good. Kids can’t get enough of them. When I get Hershey Kisses at Halloween I give them to my mom. They are no where near the vibrant, flavorful, juicy candy that starbursts are.

High School Artifact

I choose a picture of my best friend and I, in our volleyball uniforms. I moved to heritage when I was a sophomore. I knew absolutely no one and was very nervous about making friends. Playing volleyball already encouraged me to tryout for the team. Fortunately, I made it!  That’s how I met Julia, my best friend. Infact, my very first friend at heritage. Since we met we’ve been inseparable, always doing things together. I find the picture extra special , because it shows how close we are and how we became friends in the first place. 

Moving schools was hard for me. I am not a very social person, and I get a lot of anxiety when meeting new people. I was worried I wouldn’t make friends, or that no one would like me. Meeting Julia showed me those worries and that fear was me overreacting. Julia is such an outgoing person, and being friends with her has made me break  my shy shell. High school would be somber, and boring without Julia. I am not sure how I am going to survive college without her. I won’t have anyone dancing beside me, or staying up all night watching horror movies with me! 

I know that no matter where our lives go will always be friends. No distance can keep us apart. I can see it in the picture. Everytime I look at it all of my favorite memories appear in my mind. Without volleyball I wouldn’t have ever met my best friend. 

What are your plans for after high school?

     Most people when asked what they want to do after high school simply just say “go to college”; however, if you were to ask me I could tell you my top college choice, the degree I will be studying, how many years it will take, cost, and what career I will go into after college. At this point you are very likely wondering what I have planned out so well? My dream job is to be an Athletic trainer in the field of sports medicine. An athletic trainer is the medical professional who is on the sidelines of sports games, and the first one to a sports related injury. 

    I found this passion my sophomore year. After my fall season of volleyball I requested to become a student athletic training aid. Observing, and learning the field of athletic training. I instantly fell in love. I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve always been strongly geared towards the medical field and I myself am an athlete. The job just made too much sense to me. Going of this passion I went off in search for colleges that have masters programs for sports medicine. In that process, I found University of Delaware. My first visit was really nice, I had an amazing time, but it wasn’t until my second visit that I felt I had found my home for the following year. I had gotten to meet the head athletic trainer at UD, Dr.Kaminski. We clicked and got along so well. I couldn’t have been a better match. 

   College applications, and the school year has begun pressing on my neck, trying to keep grades up and find time to apply to colleges. I use this goal for my future job in athletic training to push me. I want to achieve this goal, and have to remind myself that to do that I have to put in the work. My passion has driven me to accomplish a lot. So when people ask me what I want to do after high school I can say “I want to be an Athletic Trainer!”

Organic Object

Through the course of this assignment I have gotten rather close with my lemon. Unfortunately, this last entry was not about my lovely, bright, yellow lemon; rather, it was about a clementine from my lunch. I couldn’t help but think how differently we use these two fruits. The lemon we squeeze to add flavor to other food, or water. While, we simply eat the clementine for the sweet taste many of us enjoy. Does it give a food more purpose when we eat it the way it is, or when we use it to spice other foods up?

As most high school students, I play a sport. When playing majority of sports, there are different positions. Each having a different purpose to lead the team to victory. If there was no purpose to playing the position then no one would play it. 

Is there more purpose in being eaten rather than used, or used rather than eaten? How do you choose which is which? Bland things often don’t bring enjoyment to the consumer; yet, when items such as lemons are used it enlightens our taste buds with enjoyment. Flavorful food titalates our taste buds from the first bites a sweet, juicy fruit, such as the clementine, brings a sensation to your mouth.  So what makes one better? Whos to say? Each purpose is equally important to what it does to your mouth and taste buds. Both bring new flavors, new feelings, and enjoyment. 

In a sport, is the captain position have more purpose than the water carrier? Without a captain you wouldn’t have anyone to lead the team. No water carrier? The team become dehydrated and not compete. In the end, each position has a purpose equally important to the success of the team and to the other positions in the team. 

There are so many kinds of fruit. Each brings its own flavor, its own appearance, and its own use. Yet, they all bring enjoyment. Every position on a sports team brings its own strengths, it’s own weaknesses, its own attitudes,and its  own purpose to the game. In the end, each contributes to the success of the team.