In my opinion, one of the most important parts of writing is the rhetorical analysis. Like Roozen mentioned, “Considering writing as rhetorical helps learners understand the needs of an audience, what the audience knows and does not know, why audience members might need certain kinds of information, what the audience finds persuasive (or not), and so on.” To expand, I’d like to mention the rhetorical analysis essay I wrote. For that assignment I was told to compare at least two pieces and what they use to shape their rhetorical analysis. In doing so, I was enlightened to the stark differences and subtle similarities between two seemingly different pieces. Therefore, I was able to understand how these two authors used different methods to highlight one aspect, how that particular aspect strengthened their piece, all from a reader’s point of view.

Continuously, writers are constantly in contact and creating bonds with other people, intentionally or not. They do this by not only actually writing their piece, but by forming the meaning of their piece for the audience. As Roozen stated, “writers are engaged in the work of making meaning for particular audiences and purposes, and writers are always connected to other people.” By being connected to people in one way or another, writers are creating an understanding between the author and the audience. To reiterate, knowing and understanding a piece’s impact on its audience and knowing how to convey the intended message truly shape one’s piece and writing as a whole. 

Furthermore, Estrem said, “We don’t simply think first and then write. We write to think,” which I have been thinking immensely about. I have found myself pondering this question, like the eternal question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” However, I find this statement to have more of a definitive answer that: yes, we write to think. Why? Is the harder part to answer, but I found my solace in Estrems other words. I believe that we do write to think. As I continue to write more ideas come to me as a result of finalizing my thoughts. 

Honestly, I have never really thought about the rhetorical analysis of my writing before this unit, but I genuinely do think that it has a major impact on one’s piece.