I posted the link to my google site on my Instagram and Snapchat story. I also sent it to some of my cousins. 

My rhetorical situation made me choose to create a Google Site because it would be the easiest way to portray my information. It allows people to look at it without needing any audio, they can go back to it whenever they please, and it is very easy to find where all the information is. I am aiming this at young women that are looking to figure out what to study in college, so I altered my diction to fit the generation better. This is my intended audience because it will not only raise awareness for the issues in the field I talk about, but it will also hopefully inspire them to do what they can to fight for a better work environment. I also tried to make it look as aesthetically pleasing as I could, so that it would catch the eye of my intended audience. I tried to make it interactive as well by added collapsible text in order for it to be engaging. I made whatever I wrote more straight to the point and concise in order to keep the onlookers engaged, yet still informed.

6 thoughts on “Engineering

  1. I like that you addressed the stigmas using an example from professors at UVA. For me, it tied in to the homepage where you explained how people can be undecided on what they want to study in college which was a nice connection. Changing the tone to fit not only women but the generation as well made the site much easier to comprehend for people who maybe haven’t done as much research.

  2. I liked how you are encouraging more and more women to get into engineering, as it’s a great career that many students would like. Your additions of preconceptions of women were important because of how you are emphasizing to defy the odds of female engineers. I believe that women should be able to choose any career they enjoy and this stereotype should be uplifted.

  3. I think that it is very helpful and interesting how you posted the link to your google site on your social media! This probably helped reach your target audience and see what their reactions would be. Your site was very well researched and informative.

  4. I also made a google site, but I give all the props to you for really selling it and even putting it on your social media! The topic you researched is one that does need to be spread around and educated upon (especially young women). I loved how everything was well organized and easy to find on your site which made learning about women in engineering more enjoyable. Good job on an awesome project and I hope that other can learn about this.

  5. I think your google site is very well targeted towards your specific audience. The information on it is important, and I like how you posted it on your social media to spread the idea and reach a large amount of people that would both benefit from reading it and find it interesting.

  6. I found your site both intriguing and powerful as you incorporated both social and educational issues that heavily impact so many women today! I think your message is really powerful and the google site did a great job at organizing these complex issues by breaking them down into specific examples such as the professors at UVA. Great job!

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