I’m sitting here on my bed, and I am looking around my room trying to find something that sparks inspiration to write about. I look to my right, and it’s there. Green, bent, and standing tall: a cactus light.

It reminds me of home. Hot, dry, desert, home. 

Before I moved here in the middle of my third grade year, I lived in Arizona. I was 20 minutes away from my grandparents and my cousins, only five minutes away from my best friends, and just a quick walk away from my school. I have so many fond memories there ranging from adventures with my neighbors, spraining my foot on the playground after seeing a coyote, dancing at the mall, family Christmas’, or going to different school events. I loved every single second there. Now, I’m not saying I totally hate Virginia, but let’s just say I really, really, really dislike the cold (like really). 

I visit Arizona at least once a year, but it is never enough. It always breaks my heart to have to leave my best friends that I have known since first grade, to watch my cousins drive away, to leave my grandparents house to go to the airport. I have always loved my two girl cousins on my dads’ side because they’re family, but for the past four years we have become more than just family. We talk every day and keep each other updated on our lives and “tea” and have an evergrowin bond that I am forever grateful for. 

Arizona is just home. The climate, the scenery, the memories, the people, it will always have a special place in my heart. I miss it everyday. I miss the way things used to be, but change is good. Change is normal. My change was Virginia, and I have had so many opportunities and met so many amazing people that I otherwise would not have.

6 thoughts on “Nostalgia and Change

  1. Katie I really enjoyed reading this piece. One of the best parts of your post was the way you emphasized the point that you do not like the cold. I also liked where you used repetition in your blog again when you said “change is good. Change is normal. My change was Virginia.”

  2. I really enjoyed your writing. I can definitely understand what you are going through because I moved to Virginia last year and I miss my friends and family back in Texas too. Also I definitely agree with the fact that Virginia is really cold compared to the southern states. I was able to truly relate to your writing.
    ~Great Writing!

  3. I like how you first described the cactus light as just a light, but then went into detail showing that it was much more than a cactus light. My favorite line was “Change is good. Change is normal,” because even though change is scary, in most situation it is for the better.

  4. I’ve never lived anywhere outside of Virginia, but I can imagine moving to a completely different state and leaving everything you know must be tough. It’s great to hear you still keep in touch with some people from home, and how you still get to visit periodically. Do you plan on moving out there after school? It sounds like you really feel at peace there. Great post!

  5. I love how you decided to start off your post by detailing the way you came to write it. It provided an interesting insight into your writing process. I’ve lived in a lot of places but none anywhere like Arizona. It must be such a drastic difference going from living in Arizona to Virginia. I understand what you mean about change though. Change is good to progress as a person but it always normal to miss what used to be.

  6. I love that you keep a cactus in your room as a symbol. Even the simplest objects can mean and represent so much. I love to keep objects that remind me of good memories. Sometimes we just have to move on and keep the good memories, even though we would like to relive them.

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